What can you Y’all say about this dynamic of experimental thought?


Blood is blood, thick or faint

God back’s his words, sinner or saint

Love is lost, beat that and gain

Lost in love, sweet heart of pain

Lost in lust, be in that and fail

Lust is love, believe, that’s in vain

Crushing all seed, sand and grain

Walk with God, lead peter john and James

Rubbish gut bleeds out his lots and aim

Mourning cross sinks, stands and shakes

Hungry, poor, screams out SHARKS and TALES

Cunning man thinks out his might and breaks

Wandering lamp winks cries and pray all day

Honey rocks, spills, POUR, bite and REIGNS

Profit comes, rebuild house and claim

Lovely couple, Melinda hugs Bill Gates

Watching up, the quick plans becomes at stake

Cocking guns, steal, curse, flaws and case

Crushing all sick ones, slum and state

Running cops, tricks, cons, guns and spray

Boring psalms rips off, hurts and slay

Blushing ones, dine, get drunk, and waste

Crossing bus kills, stop and wave

F…king raw, right, hands in your pants and play

Perhaps, this is a rubbish work in spite the brain

Funny how I’m high to see and eat rice and cake



Hi fellas,

This writing shouldn’t be poised with much comparison with the former write ups for this a different conceptually. This is an old work piece written quite a while ago and I am posting for anyone who cares to flip a page on this side of my blog. It’s just branch of expression of my dynamism while still polishing my skills in writing at a more developing stage. I hope you do enjoy this and if you don’t, you can re read it and you will definitely enjoy it at aft wards….lol



What an evening, with the breeze sizzling

Sitting in the garden, my eyes on the seedlings

Mind gets sadden, ears keep listening

Then I hear the wind whirling, the birds keep whistling

The sea keep waving, the trees withering

What solitude? What calmness?

Seems as if the world is ending

Seems as if dead is risen

Soul trapped in the body, but my heart racing

Wishing you was here to witness what I am facing

Wishing you could hear, when I say you are amazing


What a cool dawn? Wishing I could hear a new song

Sitting in the lawn, soon I see the rising of the sun

Thinking of all I want, all I’ve longed

Those I have won, soon they are gone.

Then I feel the warmth, and I get burnt.

Then I hear the birds singing, the bees buzzing

Eyes start winking, and then I hear some voices

Bell starts ringing, as I think of my loses

The I see the future I’ve be seeking, and grow stronger against the forces

Sustained bruises, as I cry for nurses

Feel the pain excruciating, as I imagine Jesus on the cross,

Joy starts to unveil and I see the angels come to my rescues

Then I see your halo, I say to you, beautiful

Starved of words, but I can say to you a few

You are beautiful, loving, caring, amazing, and special

You swept me off my feet, but still I stand for you

I am happy I met you.

The Truce .

Some talk about the future like they got the clue

Some talk about the past because they have got the proof

Life is more than A JOURNEY, more of  a CRUISE

More than game, you choose or lose


Bullet of ignorance, watch how the illiterates shoot

Knowledge in DARKNESS, victors of ENLIGHTENMENT, we salute

When it’s time to sleep, please LIE on the bed of TRUTH

While trying to stay CURRENT, please don’t get caught in the CIRCUIT


We’ll LEAVE; some others grow from our ROOT

We LIVE where the TREES of wickedness grow off our roof

The fruit falling on our youth

Pain’s so acute, how long shall we suffer this brute?


Being forced to see evil as beautiful and corruption as cute

Shall starving our feelings and killing our pains be the way to live trough?

As Frustration, hatred and violence now seem to be a citizen’s milieu

Let this be the beginning of the end, let’s all respond to this imminent cue

For the rain of justice seems to be falling and the breeze of change feels cool


Theft is the only means of wealth, that’s the heart of a fool

Wise is he who thinks of today’s action with tomorrow in view

Our treasury room was full, watch how the leaders loot

Perhaps few knew they left BAD while they took the GOODS

Love, progress and peace, now’s so minute


Let’s subdue those who don’t MATTER and raise our ISSUE

Or shall we fold our arms and look or act like the Jews?

No, we refuse to stay in LINE if this is your RULE.

Before we reach a dead end, let’s leave the old and start anew



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