The Truce .

Some talk about the future like they got the clue

Some talk about the past because they have got the proof

Life is more than A JOURNEY, more of  a CRUISE

More than game, you choose or lose


Bullet of ignorance, watch how the illiterates shoot

Knowledge in DARKNESS, victors of ENLIGHTENMENT, we salute

When it’s time to sleep, please LIE on the bed of TRUTH

While trying to stay CURRENT, please don’t get caught in the CIRCUIT


We’ll LEAVE; some others grow from our ROOT

We LIVE where the TREES of wickedness grow off our roof

The fruit falling on our youth

Pain’s so acute, how long shall we suffer this brute?


Being forced to see evil as beautiful and corruption as cute

Shall starving our feelings and killing our pains be the way to live trough?

As Frustration, hatred and violence now seem to be a citizen’s milieu

Let this be the beginning of the end, let’s all respond to this imminent cue

For the rain of justice seems to be falling and the breeze of change feels cool


Theft is the only means of wealth, that’s the heart of a fool

Wise is he who thinks of today’s action with tomorrow in view

Our treasury room was full, watch how the leaders loot

Perhaps few knew they left BAD while they took the GOODS

Love, progress and peace, now’s so minute


Let’s subdue those who don’t MATTER and raise our ISSUE

Or shall we fold our arms and look or act like the Jews?

No, we refuse to stay in LINE if this is your RULE.

Before we reach a dead end, let’s leave the old and start anew





  1. Luvly

  2. Brilliant… U r very gud wit words!

  3. This is just TOO DEEP brova!!! Keep it UP

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