Hi fellas,

This writing shouldn’t be poised with much comparison with the former write ups for this a different conceptually. This is an old work piece written quite a while ago and I am posting for anyone who cares to flip a page on this side of my blog. It’s just branch of expression of my dynamism while still polishing my skills in writing at a more developing stage. I hope you do enjoy this and if you don’t, you can re read it and you will definitely enjoy it at aft wards….lol



What an evening, with the breeze sizzling

Sitting in the garden, my eyes on the seedlings

Mind gets sadden, ears keep listening

Then I hear the wind whirling, the birds keep whistling

The sea keep waving, the trees withering

What solitude? What calmness?

Seems as if the world is ending

Seems as if dead is risen

Soul trapped in the body, but my heart racing

Wishing you was here to witness what I am facing

Wishing you could hear, when I say you are amazing


What a cool dawn? Wishing I could hear a new song

Sitting in the lawn, soon I see the rising of the sun

Thinking of all I want, all I’ve longed

Those I have won, soon they are gone.

Then I feel the warmth, and I get burnt.

Then I hear the birds singing, the bees buzzing

Eyes start winking, and then I hear some voices

Bell starts ringing, as I think of my loses

The I see the future I’ve be seeking, and grow stronger against the forces

Sustained bruises, as I cry for nurses

Feel the pain excruciating, as I imagine Jesus on the cross,

Joy starts to unveil and I see the angels come to my rescues

Then I see your halo, I say to you, beautiful

Starved of words, but I can say to you a few

You are beautiful, loving, caring, amazing, and special

You swept me off my feet, but still I stand for you

I am happy I met you.


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