What can you Y’all say about this dynamic of experimental thought?


Blood is blood, thick or faint

God back’s his words, sinner or saint

Love is lost, beat that and gain

Lost in love, sweet heart of pain

Lost in lust, be in that and fail

Lust is love, believe, that’s in vain

Crushing all seed, sand and grain

Walk with God, lead peter john and James

Rubbish gut bleeds out his lots and aim

Mourning cross sinks, stands and shakes

Hungry, poor, screams out SHARKS and TALES

Cunning man thinks out his might and breaks

Wandering lamp winks cries and pray all day

Honey rocks, spills, POUR, bite and REIGNS

Profit comes, rebuild house and claim

Lovely couple, Melinda hugs Bill Gates

Watching up, the quick plans becomes at stake

Cocking guns, steal, curse, flaws and case

Crushing all sick ones, slum and state

Running cops, tricks, cons, guns and spray

Boring psalms rips off, hurts and slay

Blushing ones, dine, get drunk, and waste

Crossing bus kills, stop and wave

F…king raw, right, hands in your pants and play

Perhaps, this is a rubbish work in spite the brain

Funny how I’m high to see and eat rice and cake


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