Respect is reciprocal, many sing

Respect is earned, scholars and elite claim

Dictionary among other definitions defines it as the condition of being esteemed or honoured: to be held in respect.

How addictive? How lustful is it for a man to be wrapped up in her arms?

For it seemingly feels soothing and relieving at the beginning

But for moment before her true colour starts revealing

Her face covered with an adorable veil, she lures you in and in

Inner into her pleasant chambers where she crowns you a king

Oh what a beautiful voice (you say to your lust soul) as she sings

Until that moment when she butchers you right in your glory ring

Respect! Respect! Most men yearn and women crave

Even People who casually work it want to kill to have

People who live hard to have it, if they have it, want to die with it

If they don’t, want to die to have it

So I ponder, you live for it or live to have, why die for it?

The question remains rhetorical as ever for some

The answer to which tyrants, autocrat, and martinets ignored to find

And in their tomorrow suffered for their ignorance like the blind

Could it be that they had no conscience or mind?

They’d be taking giant strides in the valley, thinking they’re on the Atlantic plain

The sun is set (the world sees); they say it’s going to rain –perhaps again

Just like power (drink), when you start drinking of it, u will get drunk

Just like any drunkard, you’re right when the world knows you are wrong

End the game now (they admonish you) but for you the game’s just begun

The bell’s just been rung and you’d be already gone

They’d be on that plane where no one wishes to come on board

No! not with them anymore.

Your former passengers are now off board

You pilot yourself and where you don’t give a room for a co pilot, you crash

But death is not their best end, perhaps easy death is not it often times

Time flies they say but to them she crawls

Little to do they know of their position at the brink before they fall

Little do they know it’s not about height, but they listen to no one -short or tall

It is not about size but they see no one – big or small

So I say, if they want respect- feed them with it

Then over feed them with it because they are glutton at it

For the wise, they shall learn at the choking point

And for the others, they learn at some later point

However pleasant those points feel,

We just pray and hope it’s not the last point



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