NB: what you are about to read is subject to further thorough review(addition, Substraction and Reconstruction)


Oftentimes, this word “intelligence” occurs in our report sheet or used is wish well word from our friends, neighbours and parents. It is used casually, usually and involuntarily. This is why so many people feel it is a word used to qualify some brilliant or exciting performances. Thus account for the reason the depth of this word has not been dug into and its confusion with brilliancy over time. Hence the virtue, virility, and varsity of this word has not been exploited and affirmed. And it grieves my heart seeing a golden word like this been used with the muddy words. A word used for and by great scientist, trickster, mafias, warriors, Socrates, judges, captain, chief executive officers, being thrown in a the camp of slaves to play with.

It is important to understand that the yardstick between intelligence and brilliant is thick and not thin. The dictionary meaning of intelligence is the ability to understand, learn and think deeply about a thing. The phrase ‘think deeply’ is what qualifies intelligence and also differentiates it from brilliant. There are various ways of defining intelligence but the sin qua non criteria is that it’s tactical and practical.

Intelligence is the speed and ease of assessing and understanding a thing or situation and rectifying or improving such situation with unimaginable ideas far from the genrals. This definition makes us to understand that intelligence makes a difference or improve any situation with the shortest time possible. The speed and ease is of getting things done is a major key factor in intelligence. In any case the speed at which a thing is being done depends but not solely on how easy the doer finds it. An intelligent man has a pool of ideas and can hardly be found wanting in any situation at any instant in time. Every good idea is product of good thinking. This paint a clearer picture of the dictionary of intelligence. Though thinking is another word that has for long being misinterpreted and misconcepted. Thinking is relatively the ability to ponder and ruminate reflectively on a thing or situation and discover or improve such situation. This goes to say that behind every good thinking there is a discovery and improvement or a discovery or an improvement. And please be conscious of the “relative” in the definition because there is more to the word ‘think’ means than it has for long been understood and emphasized. Every good thinker is a less talker. Intelligent people are good thinkers and less talkers. They are deponent and they should be feared.

Intelligence is also the ability to think briskly and make good judgment about anything or situation. This definition of intelligence is synonymous to wisdom, acumen or smartness. Ability to make good judgment is the ability to correctly understand and interpret issues. Answers given when a situation is well understood and interpreted is like you understanding a mathematical situation and the meaning of the word ‘inferred’ comes to light. Hence these answers are very insightful because it’s like all the hidden and pin point have been unraveled. They also have ability to study and even know what is inside a person’s mind. In one word, intelligence is been thoughtful and insightful. Intelligent people are sapient and sagacious.

Vigilance is part of intelligence. Carefully and scrutiny taking note of things around. Giving a close, repetitive and inquisitively taking a look at thing. Having presumed and assumed that you have heard or read much about the law of gravity scientist, Isaac Newton, the fall of that apple where he sat under the tree could have happened to any body and that would not have given it a second thought after such observation. Perhaps this account for observation being the watch word and first step in the scientific process. It is also important to note that vigilance is not being watchful with the eyes alone when you need. it goes beyond that conscious time you have chosen or decided to be watchful. It is unconsciously-sensitivity. This makes you vigilant and intelligent.


For anyone who understands the meaning of intelligence thus far, the concept of intelligence should not be too vague or obscured. For some this may be regarded as the crux of this subject matter-‘intelligence’. Taking a look at the past with the mirror of the future, the concept of intelligence has remained fixed and is not what many should consider as looking for a grain of rice in a bowl of sand. Examine this scenario;

While working on this writing piece on a computer, i encountered a problem. This problem though looks minor but can make many back out or opt for a new computer or alternative. The “p” key of my laptop wasn’t working and it was the only one available then. One may wonder how i successfully typed his writing piece with the number of reoccurrence of “Ps” without opting for a new but making use of what I got. It may also interest that some of the idiomatic or metaphoric expressions were form as I required.

Likewise speaking in the light of our honored scientist like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and heroes like Ben Carson, they all successfully scaled through certain hurdles or set back and now have their names etched on platter of gold. Coining out the concept of intelligence from the above scenario is not far fetched. For an intelligent person he believes and work with the idea that-“there is more to a thing than it appears or poses to be” or there is more to how thing can be done than it is been whether consciously or unconsciously-they don’t believe in a thing happening coincidentally. Seeing Lil Wayne, the debated best rapper alive, being qualified with a very high intelligent quotient shouldn’t get many baffled or bedazzled even as he seems unserious in look because he’s been creative right from scratch.

I can see your mind trying to get the whole concept of intelligence into a word or phrase, the answer is sensitivity and creativity. A thing of the mind inside and not the outside. So i’m not trying to be funny calling musicians, comedians, poet, and script writers’ intelligent people



Some say readers are leaders but have tried to ruminate on who leaders are really. I want you to consider this scenario;

A plane took off from an airport with a hundred passengers on board. Soon as they got midair, there was a sudden change of the weather, the cloud turned thick suddenly, the lightening grew so terrific and the boisterous storm raged with fierceness. Record had it that it was the first of it kind. The jerking was like that of an earth quake. Every soul on board had their hearts in their mouths and were bereft, some almost said their last prayer. The captain pilot and co pilot were no exception as the were also puzzled and befuddled. They had the entire manual to read and all the experience they required, still were up in the creek without a paddle. The storm grew worse until the captain pilot  made some instant discovery and crash landed the plane and nor on board injured or died. When asked how he successfully landed the lane, He could only give an adumbrated explanation.

Having understood this scenario, if I may ask who a real leader is or  what makes or sustains a real leader as one? The restoration of hope during exigencies, obscured, unpredictable and predicament of the present and future. The virility of a leader depends on how he can carefully navigate and sail his people’s boat through in unexpected storming times.

The disciples of the Jesus Christ were completely lost of hope and could had their blood curdled while the storm raged and the boat almost capsized,

Still Jesus Christ slept comfortably When they could not persevere any longer the woke their master and in a twinkle of the eye the storm ceased and their hope was completely restored. He was an exemplary leader. He didn’t bother building or reviving their hope He just restored their hope. Intelligent people are often seen as the lucky ones or people who work with God because they often get favoured and make things work out even when they least expected however far from God they are in person or in mind.


The United States of America would continue to be one of the leading countries in the world because of the restoration of given to their citizens in such perilous times have struck them in past and they are still able to create such high standard of living for their  citizens. For any other country, such set back is enough to push her off her pedestals.

Good football watchers would know what it takes to be the captain of the team. The ironical fact about the football captain is that they are not always the highest goal scorer but they are still allowed to play full time even without conceding a goal for the team. This because the coach understands what it means to be an intelligent player. They may not score the highest number of goals but the best and the most bedazzled type of goal. They are the most valuable players but may not be the highest goal scorer. And so they are appointed as the team head.


In corollary, the greatest warriors of time understand that intelligence or wisdom rules over weapon. This is why US ARMY has successfully war thousands with less fear. In this same light, why highly intelligent people are in the investigation team. Likewise during the ancient times, the cities which won the highest number of wars did so with special wisdom. This wisdom is what is called intelligence. Leaders always take initiative. This explains why real leaders are relatively indispensable, irreplaceable, and unique.



The way to be intelligent as this writing peice has unveiled the meaning of intelligence is not as easy as you going to the stream to fetch water but you digging a well for water for you thirst. The ways to be in intelligent are three but thy move mountains.


Instinct: This is a natural ability to know and understand a thing without been taught. It is more of an intuition. It is God given. It is actually the best way to be intelligent. You read or learn few and know much. It is unfortunate that only few people in the world had this luck. These set of people didn’t need to dig a well or perhaps not as deep as they should dig. They had it in them. But where there is no well, wisdom demands that you dig one. This brings us to the next way of being intelligent.


Reflectful Thought: ponder reflectfully on a particular thing or situation. As revealed earlier the main purpose of thinking is improvement or creation of thing, productive thinking. Anyone operating at this level of thinking has his eye and mind off this present world. The type of thinking that you have to phantom a mystery with your life at stake. You are conscious of the fact that there is more to a thing than it is or it poses to be or how a thing can be done than it is been done. This is what gives you the zeal or drive to shut yourself up and burn candles while other sleep. It is a sort of revelation.


Imagination; Opening the eye of the mind-soul. Visualizing your thought. Given you thought a picture.  Exploiting the unlimited power of the mind. It is the second thing that has the power of creation after God. Growing up, i discovered that most things I did physically were things I had done before hand with my imagination .Most times imagination go hand in hand with thinking. The power of imagination is unlimited. Have you ever thought of how the Wright Brothers believe that a metal could fly, or the invention of the bulb by Thomas Edison, it is the power of the mind. It may also interest you to know that this writing piece is strictly a product of good imagination and thinking. Anyone can get lost or mad with imagination, thus t is important to know how to control your imagination. It makes the impossible possible. Thus, there is a thin line between ingenuity and insanity.



Have you ever given this a thought- why there is only intelligent quotient and not brilliant or diligent quotient? Perhaps “I” is a lucky letter or ‘IQ’ sounds better when pronounced, no. This has only got to show that intelligence is the watch word and rules in the practical sense. It is the only abstract word that has got a means of evaluation. In the practical world, intelligence and wisdom rules. The most sensitive discipline in the world makes use of intelligent people. Intelligent people are employed for highly sensitive functions. The CIA, sniper, scientist, special advisers on sensitive issues and a lot more make use of intelligent people. They are the inventors, the scientist and researchers. Intelligence is not by book or by look it is a thing of the inside.



Taking a close look the bulb when it is to be lighted, in its twilight, at its peak and when switched off, we have following observation. When it is at its twilight, the light is seen from the filament, inner layer reflection, but when it is at its peak it is brighter and the reflection is seen in the outer layer. When it is switched off the outer reflection goes off or dims immediately and the filament goes dim gradually. So is the role of intelligence in the circle of the brilliant, diligent or whatever. An intelligent person though first sparks up but seems to be over shadowed by other class of people. When the wind blows the other class of people are the first to fall before the intelligent people follow. If only you are vigilant you would see this and recognize an intelligent person. Intelligence precedes brilliancy just like objectivity should precedes aesthetics in the world of an inventor. However, the position of the this two or often interchanged by the masses



Looking at the life of highly intelligent people in time past and present. Some of this characteristics or scenarios are noticeable but have being irrefutable. They lived the life of a Spartan and look carefree about their personalities and social live. Some do things that they don’t even know what led them to it or how they did it, they are more of intuitionist. They work with only what they believe in even when it is not catholic or unorthodox due to previous attempts of others that has amounted to nullity or regret-maverick. It is like nature tends to favor in vary circumstances. They are unpredictable; they do good and may mean bad. They seem passive in form but active in meaning-deponent. They understand wholly the unlimited power of imagination. They work strictly with assumptions. Some don’t even believe that there is God. Perhaps!



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