She came, fashioned as a simple,detailed unsophisticated and nice female.

Tried to introduce her gorgeous self with no delay from the start to the end ,

But I couldn’t comprehend.
I said without any holding back, we can’t be friends!

So she left while I went and like graduates we said to each other,

We meet to part and part to meet.

Couple of years after, she came back
(Her demeanor  ringing d same bell)

This time more grown,expecting that I would be as well

At least to comprehend her better than the former

Of a truth;
This time I did, only chose I to act like I didn’t

She turned her back, concluding I was impossible to talk to

So i paused her for a second and said:

I understand you, but i don’t believe you or in you

And she asked softly,with a still ignorant voice, how come you look this lovely?

As valueless as i presumed love was

I, for a second, basked in the reverie of her words and smiled

She wept and left

And said, I may be back, heaven or heart willing.

Couple years after

Someone walked up to me dressed as a male and said hi(sound so same like the former,)

I was lost for a minute and in a brisk flash-back session I tried to put a face to this familiar voice

There were other similar traits i saw but i still couldn’t juxtapose them all to answer my quest
(feeling like I can’t find the answers to a test)

Because here was a male and the former, female -by this, I couldn’t relate

He said: I am love, we met twice in the past

Again i was perplexed and like the bolt from the blues, the question fell out from my mouth

Quite dashed, I asked:

Have u got a twin sis?

He replied, No

I replied in return, i don’t know you like u, me

He recounted some of our old discussions and i became dumbfounded yet again

He said, love has come to you this last time

And like the other times has emphasised the value of him/her(love)

I, for once, was engaged in an intriguing discussion and asked

How come u are now a man, i knew you to be a lady…

He answered as he succinctly explained….
For i am not a man or woman

I am one and all, one for all and all for one

Some see me and label me a bisexual

For I befriend men just to the extent i do women

In fact, some see me as the strangest of all beings

For I like animals just as i do to freaks

Some see me as far as a spirit

For they dont see me but they feel me and believe me and even have faith in me

I exist where any living be and

My presence is the reason and essence for living and the feeling of life

I am everywhere, I am everything, I am LOVE .


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