Of a truth, memories die and not live
our feelings were barren, no memory was born
our Actions were bromidic- no flavor, no spice

The truth:life, like the heart, often Lie on the left
yet we all struggle to live right

we stay hungry for our food of unity just got burnt
the smoke ascends to the heaven and the fumes absorbed in the thing air
inhaled by the innocent and ignorant

and hatred forever resides in their gene
passed on to children yet unborn
but the fate of their tomorrow known
Now, they say, we are grown
How sad? we wrestle for our destiny in the dark
no light, no insight.
we try to keep our body in line
but our thoughts are derailed
it passes on from one person to another- relayed
who shall be our messiah?
for God is not known amongst these men and their children suffer from unbelief
ignorance is no excuse for excuses are bound to be ignoredThe truth: knowledge is light and wisdom is power
wise is he who knows how to keep it shining when the sun faces the other side