chronicles of a love story

We stood in the cold, dark, gas station

Our eyes bore the fire and brought light to our path

Our feelings caught the flames, heating up the fogs of our passion

Our hearts felt so free like an animal with no girth


We can feel the warmth, our feelings getting hot and not burnt

Other hearts, I no longer hunt.

I’m sacrificing mine instead.

This life after death


Thought are meandering off to the coastal plains

Where the dew, ocean, breeze and white sand all speak the language of love

I know you best understand what they are saying

Now I know love could be this straight without curves


We had our session in that section.

We kept passive our actions and active our distractions.

Tension was all you mentioned.

Even when it was most costly, I paid you attention

You deferred mine; you paid me back like a scheme of pension.

I’m too old for it use, still in detention

Now our time is over, Recession.


I treated the garden of your heart like a mere games reserve.

Shooting catapult and rifles at every fauna

Shearing off the beautiful seedlings with no reverse

Acting like a gory wizard, you couldn’t believe my new persona


You tried repeatedly to paint me a beautiful picture in those frames

But I made them a mirage

It’s no more games.

I’m now reserved

Help me walk upright now, forgive my lame