The Beauty of True Love is Beholded by the Young and Naive

The Beauty of True Love is Beholded by the Young and Naive

Ever thought of you in the kindergarten class? Even at that seemingly ignorant and young age, you pulled some funny stunts and had some funny feelings- however weird- with the opposite sex. There was that particular person you always preferred to play with and do things with. That person you were always staring at and always wishful not to be flogged when she or he offends the teacher.

It goes and grows on to the primary schools days when you know a bit better about such feelings. Times when you started reading some novels and relating it to yourself or watching movies with a picture of yourself in mind. You started to know they called it love but you were still in that learning process.

At that time when age grew your feelings over your knowledge of it. Boys started having clicks so do girls. The ‘Big boy’ thing started gaining grounds and you knew the depth of love you felt for such person. No day passed by without you thinking of that person. His or Her name rings a bell and everything about him or her was all consuming to you and your emotions. I mean you always wanted to write a letter to express your love even in class and beyond. It was all about expressing yourself at all cost. It was righteously compelling. You were in your world and never saw a need to organize or arrange love. You never saw a need to succumb to an environs’ Do’s and Don’ts.


Age climbed the feeling higher in and you could boldly say you love someone in the  secondary school era. You could feel the fire in her eyes just as she could feel yours. It was mutual, it was all right, and sweet even when it pained it got sweeter after all. Love over ruled all the difference at the end of the day and was all about addition.

You went reckless, you went helpless, and you went careless. Love took a toll on you that all of your friends then could tell that you were suffering from that disease called love. It was obvious. Your priority was conspicuous. You were conscious of all and cautious of none. You felt beneath the earth in your lows and above the clouds in your highs- It was all extreme. There was a smile every time you saw her that overshadowed your sorrow. Love became better and sweeter after each cruel. The sleepless night you had because of love was uncountable, some of joy some of sorrow. The stars had a meaning, the moon had a meaning, the sun had a meaning, the wind had a meaning, the trees and flowers had a meaning. It was all natural and nature relatable.

That was true love. Oh yes, they accused you of been ignorant because you were young but it was true love. You were stupid, crazy and foolish because you fell completely for every move love made concerning you. Love was forever the champion the battle of your heart affairs. It was a wholeness of naivety. It was amateurish- full of mistakes and corrections.

Yes! True love, unlike marriage, is not a game of professionals. That is why you don’t get kicked out of the game for not performing up to standard. There are no standing principles. You create yours, destroy it and recreate another in the same manner. You were an inventor of different silly things that gave birth to fun and renewed the fun you had. True love is forever young and for amateurs who forever keep learning from their mistakes. Perfection is forever absent in the world of true love.

Sex wasn’t bore out of age or knowledge. It was bore out of the awesomeness in the wholeness of naivety of true love. Only this naivety begat a creativity of life.

Love doesn’t grow at par with age but so many people don’t know. You hear them say; I am now of age or I know love now. At the university level people know feel they know love and decide which they want and which they don’t. Just like an ignorant person, you keep doing wrong things right to your knowledge (no knowledge in actual fact). You think you have gotten so use to love and you can put a principle on its operation. At this point when you say you know your onions about love and you feel you can cultivate one; At this point when you start scaling off the beauty of love and painting it yours; At this point when you feel you can add your own salt to alter the taste of true love and flavor it as you like; At this point when you want to be in charge of love instead of love being in charge of you; At this point, the continuation of which changes the genetic combination of love. This is when love starts to undergo mutation and may eventually become an alien or on another hand, it is the point where love is opportune to escape and becomes a foreigner to your world and a refugee in another world. However, it is worth remembering that it is easier to restore a refugee than to regenerate or degenerate a mutant or an alien as to it former.

Marriage is what paints love as game of strictly professional which is why it is quite hard to survive in the system. Now, old age comes and love seems to be lost. Love is now a foreigner, a mutant or an alien. Love is no more familiar and unwilling to be known. Love now seems completely paralyzed that she can only breathe but not stand or move no more. Now you can talk about divorce and separation without a second thought. Thus, for those who often wish for a change, they question how love doesn’t seem or feel fascinating any more.

Answer: The beauty of true love is for the young and naive. The moment you start rebuking the craziness and foolishness that off shoots from love; that moment you are contributing to the unconducive atmosphere of love. She is no freer as she use to and she’s full of fear to act like she desires. Just like any child who gets extremely dominated by his parent, the outside is often better to stay.

Love, perhaps like God, wants to everything everywhere he is and everything anyhow he chooses

Nb: True love is felt in the stomach and not the heart. One reason why the fruit of love (child) is bore there in.  You know when they say butter fly in the stomach?…lol… that is a phrase for those that once felt true love