Fashion to me

Once upon a time, the umbrella was made for the rain, then the sun but nowadays for fashion.

And once upon a time again, the human race was dying to cover her body but now she is dying to expose them, or better still, trying to use metals, diamonds and the finniest of fabrics-however silly or mini they  are on the body.

Whether the question ‘what is fashion?’ is in your heart or lips or not, I am going to tell what fashion is, at least to me.

What is fashion to me?

Fashion, as it pertains to a human body, is a visual and or physical expression made to the body either with its natural or artificial component/material in any style which best suits a feeling or purpose of expression.

Fashion is unique because it is infinite. This feature of fashion, I believe, is what has made it one of the oldest discoveries or ventures and yet the youngest. Each stage and age of fashion is explosive and its effect remains almost as everlasting like some see it as a life cycle- unending. Fashion is life to the one who knows how to inhale her oxygen Joy to the one who knows how get use to her.

In practical, I see fashion as a tree that never grows old or die yet the seed that falls or produces from it is capable of self mutation which when planted can reproduce another type tree and seed.

Fashion is the most fruitful mother.  She conceives more scientifically than biologically. She conceives with her brain and bears with hand. Every offspring of her necessary not look like the mother because the sperm that conceived her in the mother’s womb (the brain) is owned by unseen beings or things( intangible). Fashion is the tangible expression or intangibility. Anything, tangible or intangible, can contribute in conceiving a new baby of fashion in the womb of the mother.  This may include your feeling(s), the weather, technology, your personality…etc

From the era when human beings had a sting in her urge of sensitivity to cover her nakedness with leaves to this moment when they desire to do with the finest things, one can  say fashion has progressed but leaves still play a part in fashion till this day. It is all about what you want to justify your feeling(s) or look(s).

The line that separates fashion and insanity is thick. Although most ‘old-fashioned-sense-elites’ see and call the trend of fashion these days as insane. What ideally separates fashion from insanity is consciousness. An insane person is simply someone who has lost consciousness of his person or self.

Fashion extremist can go as far just painting their body and having that as a sense of covered nakedness. That is justifiable if they are conscious. Fashion ideally revolves round what a person really wants. The human nature is in itself extreme– why many preach discipline of thoughts and actions. For those who have chosen to exploit the extreme nature of human in fashion often do so not just in fashion but in most expressive facets of their lives. The extremism factor is not limited to fashion so do not crucify them with your lips, heart or even with stones like some sect or religious group because you have chosen to live within your self-imposed and chosen cage of expression and perhaps fear.