It is quite appalling at the innumerable illegal or unapproved dumping sites we have ubiquitous in our country. Almost all abandoned buildings, lagoon fronts, valleys are metamorphosed to serve the purpose of a dumping site. Any open space where the owner or government up-keep action is lacking or absent is without questions most likely converted into a dumping ground. In actual fact, most streets, roads, mechanic shops are not exempted from this abnormal phenomenon.

However, for decades, the police stations in the country are also notable grounds for this misappropriated act. Likewise most buildings belonging to the law enforcing agencies concerned with transportation, importation and exportation of vehicles, environmental laws are very much into this mean.  Moreover, the Nigeria Police one that is most disruptive and out of hand as the FRSC, VIO, and Custom Officers may relieve an owner of his or vehicle pending complete and proper documentation of what is expected according to the relevant statues that apply.

On the contrary, virtually all Nigeria police stations have taken a predominance role of dumping grounds for most vehicles that are dysfunctional in our society. Most of the accidental vehicles are dumped there and this menace is traceable to almost all police stations round the country.

This is what prompts and urges me to ask;

  • Is this supposed to be so?
  • Does the establishing act as regard the duty of police postulates that a function of the police station is inclusive as dumping site for dysfunctional or accidental vehicles?
  • Are there no police leaders seeing something conspicuously wrong every time they drive in  the compounds, seeing abandoned vehicles awfully decorating the compounds, as they match into their offices?
  • Can’t there be a body set up amongst them to effectively and rightly oversee the affairs of such vehicles and act?
  • Isn’t it absurd to them seeing this as normalcy?
  • If the immediate police compound can’t be in order or if they can see what is eminently wrong in their compounds, how would they see what is wrong outside their compound?

The dirtiness evidence as you step into the compounds is nothing to write home about. Every Tom Dick and Harry is trying to sell something in there. Haphazard settling of kiosk and canteen is highly inherent in such compounds. No boundaries or fence as to control who steps in or out; yet we empower them to enforce orderliness and cleanliness outside in the nation. It is high time the law enforcement personnel s’ should start leaving by example.







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