Terrorist Gangs (Boko Haram): Global Threat, Generational and Global Solution

Boko Haram is the greatest evil that Nigeria has ever known. They have killed more innocent people in two years than the Irish Republican Army managed to kill in 100 years of fighting against the British in Northern Ireland.’ – Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Minister of Aviation of Nigeria in a recent publication through a national newspaper, The Premium Times.

It popped up in the news of recent that the Nigerian troops fighting Boko Haram insurgents in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states may have been bolstered by United States drones stationed in Niamey, Niger Republic. As part of assistance provided by the US Government, in its bid to destroy terror bases in West and North Africa, a source (a top intelligence official, who declined to be named due to the sensitive nature of the issue) told The PUNCH Newspaper of Nigeria that US drones had been spying on Boko Haram bases in the forests and plains around Nigeria’s borders with Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

From what was believed or supposed to be believed as a peaceful Islamic splinter group propagating a controversial ideology against western education and civilization, Boko Haram which in 2002, attracted national attention when its leader, Muhammed Yusuf, a one-time commissioner in Borno State pronounced that Boko (western education) was Haram (sacrilegious). At present, the total figure of the death of innocent people to the glory of this God-forsaken sect is staggering. Different sources have put the number at ten thousand, three thousand, two thousand etcetera. However, unexaggeratedly, the havoc being done by this sect is enormous and genocidal if one is to be quite realistic.

Although the Government initially made light of the seriousness of this sect, it later became understood and realized that this sect are here for no jokes however prank-playful they are or seem to be as they at one time in January of this year declared an unilateral ceasefire with the government which was even aired on the Aljazeera news TV station.  Everyone had relieving sigh not until they struck again .Soon, the government began to tighten their belts perhaps when the evil already perpetuated by this people is unrecoverable. The combat system employed by government of the nation has always being ridiculed and the government, citizen, the nation and beyond have been left in constant pandemonium. Diverse efforts From the deployment  of troops of soldiers to these zones and buffering of the security equipments to dialoguing with these people to the re-sensitizing and re-orienting of these sect by top Muslim leaders like the Emirs and sultan have all proven futile.

Although most recently, President, Goodluck Jonathan On May 14th, 2013 declared state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states, hotbeds of the Boko Haram deadly insurrection, a prior resort by the government was to grant these sect Amnesty, although was lauded by a few political leaders and condemned by majority of the citizen and other political leaders or societal influential people, was at the end of the day denounced and rejected by the sect made known by its leader. The leader of militant Boko Haram Islamic sect, Abubakar Shekau, said in a 30-minute audio recording where he spoke in Hausa, Arabic and English that ‘his group had not committed any wrong to deserve amnesty’. He went further to say ‘it was the government that should be seeking amnesty from his group and not the other way round’. How Paradoxical?

Thus, from the foregoing, I believe this sect, however religious, anti-civilization or what a view, have successfully made known and shown their inestimable ability, capacity and intention to the nation without any plan of drawing a red line to the priceless havoc that have kept the nation in. we are almost helpless without the mercy of this people just like our boats are up in the creeks with no paddle.

They say death is evitable, perhaps living seemingly is. Although terrorism is universal and not new, the truth is that Boko Haram, unlike militant, is not seeking vengeance of what government took from them. It isn’t about the forceful oppression or collection of physical or tangible valuables which if taken from an individual, will one day seek to fight for restitution of what was taken.

In the social circle, every birth of a being revolves round two SEMIs– that is, a potential solution or a potential problem to humanity. Thus, like most know or should, solution is about giving or creating value and problem is otherwise, removing positive value or creating negative values. More so, like they say, you can’t give what you don’t have. Perhaps it is better said as you can only give what you have.

The probability of any human manifesting in his potentials, solutions or problems, is balanced on a pivot of his or her sense of value (beliefs). One common thread that runs through every human is his beliefs, evil or good. The unique feature about someone’s sense of value is that, just like a child’s growth, at the early stage it seems invisible and insignificant or irrelevant but not forgetting that time flies, the maturity stage emanates in a gradually explosive manner where one becomes an exploit of solution or problems based on whatever value acquisitions gotten from the early stage

The brain, the physical entity of the mental faculty of a man, is never completely dead while the body still lives. By implication, sense of value, in any living being, could only be misplaced or mis-conceived but not dead. The mental faculty, like any educational faculty, is most likely having students who fail repeatedly till they get it right. However, failure may be seen from the religious light implying that you can repent from it- repentant failures become success patriots. The Boko Haram members are students of a school of thought they have to repent from.

The Government Strategy: I find a fault in the government strategy because in the fight of restitution and judgment, there should be an appropriate measure to balance losses which unfortunately there is none perfect for human beings. It is not only foolish but also wrong to replace valuables with non valuables. A life of a Boko Haram member’s doesn’t equate to a life of innocent citizen being killed. They say you don’t replace something with nothing but it is most ideal to replace something with an equivalent or better value of such. A human being’s value is a function of active sense of value.

The Solution Precepts: From my perspective, evidently, one can say that the sense of value of the Boko Haram have been misplaced or distorted and derailed  as induced by the negligence of the government of the country, however intentionally or ignorantly.

The mentality of a man which is as well in this context his sense of value has with it a remote control. The self control and ownership of the device, remote-control, is what differentiate a human being from a robot which the Boko Haram members evidently are. In an attempt to take solace of their quest of which value they have lost or wish for, they sold this priceless device of theirs ignorantly or pressure-drivenly to this sect that controls them with the impression that they have got the value which they long quested for. Ignorance could as well mean having the wrong knowledge and not just no-knowledge about something. Anyone who is going to blow a place has his mind already blown out of proportion with bombs of ignorance and hopelessness.

In a flashback, one can see   the clear parallels between the recent ‘Bolton Bombing’ in the US and the much recent ‘Woolwich killings’ in the UK. Although quite a number of similarities revolve round this two cases but I have chosen to limit my scope on them.  Mr. Fani-Kayode, a former Minister of Aviation of Nigeria, known for his frequent publication in national newspapers on biting political issue in the nation and beyond in his recent article, ’The Woolwich Killing- More Questions Than Answers’ through the Premium Times newspaper gave some unusual insight as to the similarities and depth of these two recent sad occurrences and beyond which shall be highlight in the next three paragraphs.

Concisely, he explained that both operations were conducted in full public glare and in the afternoon. Both operations perpetuators had a foreign heritage and family ties with nations that are rife with and that are being torn apart by Islamist terror. In the case of the Boston bombers, the two perpetrators had strong links and family ties with Dagestan and Checnya, and in the case of the Woolwich incident, both perpetrators had equally strong links and family ties with Nigeria. Both sets of killers were Muslim fundamentalists and both were”known to the intelligence agencies” of their respective countries.

The take-home point in ‘’woolwich killing’ is that the two suspects were not just British citizens of Nigerian descent but that they were both Muslim CONVERTS. That is to say they were both brought up as Christians and then somewhere along the line they converted not just to Islam but to its most extreme and radical brand. They, at the end of the day, became dangerous Islamists that were prepared to kill for their faith.  Thus, in one sentence, their belief was reprogrammed. The question now should be ‘who cultivated them and took them to this point and how did it get so bad? ’

The ex minister went further to hint the reason or root-cause of this in light of some kind of ‘Peter Powers-type hypnosis and mind-control system which was triggered off by something or someone- buttressing his point with books and videos of David Icke which alludes to the usage and existence of such capabilities by the more advanced intelligence agencies in the world for the last ten years and he has cited many examples of such usage.

In corollary, the human being is reduced to a product, robot, once this remote control is bought over which is why a Boko Haram member’s life(robot) doesn’t equate to the life(a life) of an innocent citizen killed. As valueless as it is having a TV (remote- control- only) without having the remote is same as capturing these Boko Haram members without their remotes or the holder of them.

Although, it is often best approach to handle a problem from it root in an attempt for solutions but in this case, they head may seem as the best- start- point. However, the head could sometimes be the root or the best way to it.

The government shouldn’t end at trying to hunt down only the robots rather, they should aim at getting these remote controls and their controllers. They could look for the remote control if they are being ignorantly misplaced by this people or get it out from the hand of the holders. By this, you inject life back into the robot and make them human again after which you rerun programs which justify them as robot and make a solution driven being.

Nobody readily gives away his vision once he sees a clear possibility of him achieving it. A right vision heralds with it, right values. The fact is that we didn’t see the menace of the Boko Haram like black beast falling from the white sky. It wasn’t a physical action of loss or crisis. Perhaps why some people see it wise enough to see the problem in other angles like the spiritual or mental amongst others.

 Dealing with the Boko Haram sect should be from the stand point, perhaps not start point, of value (belief) restitution and the sense of it. They were either misplaced ignorantly by these individuals or found by the controllers or they were sold on purpose to these controllers under pressure they saw or knew no better way to handle. They saw the sun just like mere ball of heat in the sky and fail to see a source of light to world. They sold their remote in ignorance that the human mentality is priceless. Though it has the capacity of making money, it is in itself priceless because her achievement with time can only be underestimated not over. The growth of Boko Haram likes and other anti social sects or terrorist gang can be cut off from expanding, controllably or not, by looking into the categories of people described above.

This can be done by helping to find or recover the remote control and sense of value of those who have misplaced or ignorantly sold theirs under pressure. Incubate and nurture them right afresh together with making attempts to draw their consciousness to the fact that their mentality is them and it’s priceless- reprogramming. By this, you safe people, generations, from joining a sect like and as well giving value and the right sense of it to them and to potential victims.

Those who have control of this sect have exploited to stretching heights the ignorance and hopelessness (mental state) of these humans. They have practically reduced these beings to robot and have run such a crisis-creating program in them. We can do otherwise. They fed them rightly with the wrong knowledge and beliefs but we can feed them rightly with the right knowledge which in turn translates to beliefs and sense of value in the bosom of a man’s mental faculty.

The brain- mental state- of man remains like land or building. It can always be capable of improvement, demolition, reconstruction, alteration, renovation or refurbishment. It is also, if abandoned, prone to anything growing on it and such taking overriding negative dominance of a positive potential value inherent there-in. It is not enough to be brain-washed like these victims are .washing is a practice that must be done every now and then to make things look good. We can brain- build or rebuild and brain –galvanize these people-more long lasting.

These leaders have to every now and then subject them to satanic conjured tutors, and hold their hope against them by their ceased remote control. We can make a change of this and spread it round the world and generation. In the circle of humanity, hope is a senior to love and in fact sometimes begets it. Hope restoration is the gate way to peace in the human world.

Thank you