A Day in Life without Technology (1000 Words)

Wikipedia expressly explains that the history of technology is similar in many ways to the history of humanity. Perhaps this is why over centuries and more precisely over the last recent decades, technology has come to mean and be diverse things to different people in all facet of life.

Basically in very recent times,  technology means different things to different people daily because for some, a day in life without technology could mean a day without social websites (facebook, twitter), could mean a day without videos (YouTube), a day in without pictures (instagram) a day in life without search engines (Google), a day without express mailing (emails), a day in life without express communication (phones), a day in life without chatting (yahoo messenger, BBM), a day without news (radio, television), a day in life without convenience, a day without online marketing and so on.

 A deeper look at it all could mean;  A day without videos and pictures is a day without memories and expressions; A day without social websites, Instant Messenger (chatting),  express communication is a day without friends or associates or keeping up with them- a day without love; A day without news, search engines is a day without information and knowledge. A day without online marketing, express mailing (emails) is a of (no- business). Wow, picturing all of these, wouldn’t you agree with me that a day without technology is day of absolute darkness? It is indeed a day behind the world and a day behind life and living. One can even convincingly conclude that. Can’t you?

 When we gather together on the moonlit village ground. It is not because of the moon, everyone can see it from his own compound. It is because it is good for kinsmen to do so.’ – Professor Chinua Achebe.

This was said about several decades ago, precisely 1958 in his ‘Things Fall Apart’ novel and with the picture of a small village in mind. However, if one is to take a minute to imagine the resultant effect of everyone gathering together on the moonlit ‘city’ ground in the today’s time, it is guaranteed that one would be creating a chaotic scene and an unreasonable or uncalled-for social menace despite all of the goodness it is for men to come together. The intention will be quite good but when the environment or platform in which the intention is to come alive is absent, the goodness in the intention will be overshadowed and will fade away. Thus, technology has come as a deliverer to retain and sustain the gathering together of people even beyond the moonlit village grounds thereby preserving the goodness in socialising for the sake of humanity. Although even in these dominating times of technology and urbanisation in our cities, it definitely hasn’t made man to lose his social nature although it may not be in the same way, place and time as Professor Chinua Achebe meant in his quote.

The rapidly growing population and the rate of urbanisation of the world have begat diverse dynamism. The rigidity or limited ways things could be done then, of course which was largely due to the level to demand then has taken a new toll. For instance, the town crier way of communicating to the people can only be done in villages (small settings) as that was the level of demand then unlike the overpopulated cities of today with various settlements of people all around the city land and water side. Thus, technology is a reliever and actually a product created to meet the demand for survival of humanity.

There goes the saying that no one can rewind time but I say that if you shut- off all that technological evolution has birthed over the centuries for just a day, you will simply be living in times of the Stone Age for that period. Thus, the major difference between the Stone Age (Dark Ages) and the 21st century is technology and it is what has made other changes we see around possible. It is what has sustained humanity till today and will continue to till the world ends. It is symbol or growth and progress.  A day without technology is a day behind the world. Technology is the light of the world.

Every ground breaking technology discovery is a step closer to the better and brighter survival of humanity because it is a move towards the absolute freedom of man on earth. This is so because technology is what closes up the gap between the world controlling man and man controlling it. It is what interchanges the power of control between man and world. That is, it extracts the dominating power from the world and infuses into the hands of man. It is what makes differentiates humans from animals. It is you and I.

In corollary, the Bible in the book of Genesis emphatically preaches the wish and instruction of God to man to dominate over all the earth.  Gen 1:26 says ‘..let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, over the cattle and all the earth..’. Likewise in verse 28 of the same chapter, God actually gave this as an instruction. Thus, technology has been the only physical means that has afforded man the ability to dominate over the world. It a demonstration of the wisdom God has given to man. A day in life without technology is a day to the shame of inventions and inventors. It is a day in life to the shame of great scientists and technologist like Michael Faraday, Charles Stevenson, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Nikola Telsa, Thomas Edison and even to today’s Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Larry Page, Jerry Yang, David Filo and so on. In shut, it is day in life to the shame of humanity.

In conclusion, technology has come as a deliverer, a reliever and a helper for the survival of mankind.

Dedicate to Samsung Mobile.



  1. OK!!! I love this.

  2. Very nicely put… A bit over-dramatic I think though. Lol

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