Nigeria: Our Independence, Our Misstep

Oh yes! It is another Independence Day. What more? Are we indeed free? Have we had the testimonies that exhibit us as truly independent? Are we liberated as citizens and as a country?

 Fifth three years ago, Nigeria wasn’t given birth to although we all celebrate her birth. Her egg was only laid; it didn’t get hatched but was broken prematurely by the people who either knew or were ignorant of the implication of the ‘independence – fight’ they went-in for then. Fifty-three years gone by; it is evidently certain that they didn’t know that the repercussions of their   then ‘freedom-actions’ will grow to have this dimension of unwanted wings and fly at this uncontrollable height.

The ones who are still alive and indeed meant good for this country weep and lament at what it is today. This isn’t the Nigeria they knew and much more, not the Nigeria they saw then. Nigeria appears like to be a total alien to them and to make it worse; it has grown into a country of blood sucking monsters. Quite sad, I say.

Isn’t it funny  or weird how the forceful actions of our leaders then to gain independence is what has kept us more in perpetual bondage fifty-three years after? Although, they had good intentions for us but good intentions become worrisome and end up being a bad ones when one is either ignorant or lack a deeper insight of the consequences of actions geared towards the so called good intention. In truth, the independence gained October 1, 1960 is quite synonymous with a forceful breakage of an egg before its hatch-time. It was this fatal alteration at the conception of Nigeria that is today the basis of the unending crisis we see in our nation because a single misstep is enough to break a leg or end one up at the wrong destination. The birth- point of a country is the most delicate point of a country’s growth and independent survival. 

Personally deducing from historical studies, the birth of any country gotten as a result of independence from another ruling country can be pictured very much in the light of an egg-hatching process. This is an inevitable process in the naturally reproductive or child-birth process of any animal in the world. Although some carry and hatch their eggs within them, some do so externally. Terminologically, the animals that reproduce like the former are called viviparous (e.g. human beings) and those that reproduce via the later are called oviparous animals (e.g. birds).

However, over the decades, there have been a number of artificial ways to reproduction; all of which are basically geared towards creating or making an egg-hatch like scenario either internally or externally. The conventional artificial reproduction means like In-Vitro-Fertilisation (IVF), Artificial Insemination (AI), Embryo Transfer (ET) and others are all ways to create this egg-hatching scenario because the egg is the carrier of the embryo – an organism in its early stages of development, especially before it has reached a distinctively recognizable form.

For better understanding, I choose to drive home my point illustrating with the physical eggs of birds. Generally, everyone knows the delicate and fragile nature of an egg even to the extent that we use it for proverbial or idiomatical expression in this light. The delicacy of egg is God’s unquestionable thing because even as delicate and small an egg is today, it can be the ostrich of tomorrow. Hatching is a process known with eggs which are matured enough to break forth under the right incubated environment either naturally or artificially. Hatching is rightly better seen in light of a break-forth and not breakout. Hatching is a natural automated process and not manual.  It is a sign of maturity from the inside because it is the chick that breaks the egg shell and not the farmer. No matter how much a farmer is anxious to see or have chick, he will unwise to break the egg shell to let chick loose because such an action is mostly going to result into the death of such chick. There goes an African provide that says ‘when a fruit is ripe; it will fall off by itself ’. That’s the way it is and it can’t really be changed. It is like plugging and unripe fruit, eating it and expecting not to have an adverse effect on your system.

The problem with Nigeria remains intractable and indecipherable even several decades after its independence because of this forceful breakage of the egg that carried ‘embryo Nigeria’ fifty-three years ago. They saw the egg shell as bondage instead of seeing as protective covering for a better tomorrow. Thus, at the conception of Nigeria there was a sort of unredeemable alteration of the natural or normal configuration of its genetic composition since it was wrong timely broken from its shell. It may be conclusive to say that it birth was mutated and premature. The deformities we see in the body of our country today are owed to this wrong act (‘freedom-fight’) then.

Although expertise in the medical world would most likely understand better and appreciate the gravity of premature or mutated birth; some of us have witnessed some premature people around us and know how pathetic it is for one to be deformed from birth. The truth is that sometimes, some parents with deformed children actually wished for them to die or not to have survived at all because of the day-today agony and memory they create before their eyes. In our case, Nigeria survived the premature birth but there isn’t much joy in her survival today, is there? The shout of the hurray of October 1, 1960 has gradually reduced from year to year and have even turn to tears and lamentations for most.

If a premature infant is to grow healthily, Intensive care must be accorded to such child. The medical call this care Neonatal intensive Care Unit (NICU) or an Intensive Care Nursery (ICN).  It is a very dedicative and delicate care unit made for right survival and living of such naturally unfortunate infants. The wrong happenings at conception and at delivery of a child go the longest way in the immaturity, deformity and mortality of such child because most people with premature birth end up with premature death.

Unfortunately for Nigeria, such necessary care was lacking then which has arisen the complicated complexities we are experiencing today. Although today, attempts are being made to retrace her step and repair her path but we have been long gone on a wrong journey yet hoping we will reach our destination. We are replanting when we should harvesting. We are on a u-turn on the wrong road when we should be approaching our right destination. We have indeed placed our horse before the cart by allowing our childish quest for freedom to overshadow a further reasoning on how to sustain our independence even if it’s a premature one.

Till date, only a few realises and agrees that our country had a premature birth which has made it difficult for the few political, economical and social obstetrician to treat the body of our country in the little capacity they can or could. Of course, we are grown now and our case is beyond the incubation remedy. The state of Nigeria is that which requires special surgical attention. The complexities which have grown from the onset of her birth require a team of well groomed leaders able to navigate her out from the wilderness she has long ran into. The ignorance our leaders led us by has created more chaos than a way forward. We often end up biting our fingers because of ignorance. The amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorate is owed to this as well although we are all partaking of it regrettable consequences today.

In conclusion, South Africa and other countries who were matured enough at their independence are today growing and performing as they should and beyond only because they got it right at their birth. We should understand that there is no point breaking-out if you don’t know how to break forth. However, though we have had our missteps, Nigeria can be repaired but we must all retrace our steps and deliberately go back to our draw boards to invent our solutions, adopt techniques of existing good examples, mould them to fit our condition and see them through to manifestation at all cost and with prayers.