If I was the president of my country, Nigeria

Am I getting to dream of becoming a president of my country tomorrow? Or I’m stirring up that desire to rule people? At least, some of us can confess to ourselves that we’ve nurtured thoughts on this question, at least, once a while or in our life.

This question is quite more serious or technical than if you are asked what be done would ‘if you had a million dollars   ’ Where: You may be thinking first is to pay your debt if any; Maybe you won’t know where to begin to spend the money or   might spend it so fast that you’ll soon be wanting another million dollars; you may probably be thinking of quitting your job, traveling the world, or just simply relax at home. Some would you buy the biggest 3-D TV available or would you invest the money so that you would make even more money. This could go on and on.

I am However convinced on sharing my thoughts this topic because going by the remarks of Martin Luther King, Jr. to Student Participants in the White House Seminar in Government in 1963 where he made a bold assurance to students that there is no career which they will adopt when they leave college that will bring them a more and greater sense of satisfaction and a greater feeling of participation in a great effort than will our work here in our state or our community.

Charging the students as a generation, a nation and citizen, who will be in positions of responsibility for the rest of this century – will deal with the most difficult, sensitive, and dangerous problems that any society of people has ever dealt with at any age.

Rephrasing his words, he said the Greeks defined happiness as the full use of one’s powers along the lines of excellence, and he can imagine no place where one can use his or her powers more fully along lines more excellent in the today’s world than to be in the service of our nation. So, since I can make my own case and get heard without needing a lawyer, I guess making a case as if I was the president of my country is not a bad involvement or dare.

Therefore, I choose to ask again, if you were the president of the country, what would you do? As for me, I will grab the horn of the education sector in an attempt to direct the head and body of the nation to hopefully a better ending.

Create World-Class Educational and Research FacilityMove 1

I shall in the capacity of the president establish a well-equipped a world class research facilities in line with some vital sectors of the country. Among these would be medicine, power, information technology, fashion and art transportation, and infrastructure and policy research team.

World-Class Educational and Research Facilities – A research published 2012 puts the total enrollment in federal universities in 2007 by major disciplines at a figure close to half a million . Another publication of 2005 by a Nigerian Political Scientist based in the USA boasts that there is a quite impressive number of Nigerian PhD holders referencing a source have it that among of all the foreign groups in the US, Nigeria, not India, not China, not Japan, but Nigeria, has the highest number of PhDs. Same testimony goes for that of professors in the country.

My case with the foregoing is that it is believed that an authentic and a well supervised research works are submitted to have earned such degree. Now, this has been almost since Nigeria became a confederation in her own right. What then seems to be missing link to me is that what then is being done to these research works? Packed and dumped and on the floor or shelves of dusty libraries or is it being trashed away?

We should realize that in all modern economies, universities, research institutes and facilities’ along with other forms of institution or education providers are places where specialized human resources are developed. Therefore, they play a crucial role in generating human capacities for leadership, management and the technical expertise.


Operation Mode of Move

A periodic team of world class scholars, professors, genius, geeks and scientist from various countries and institutions, including ours, of same or different specialties would be employed to work diligently in these facilities where break through discoveries will be expected from them from time to time. The outcomes of these researches are represented or expressed in form of intellectual properties or an addition to the body of knowledge which is a step closer in the direction of solution.

Some Objectives of Move

Makes us an export material- As it is a team of world class scholars, professors, genius, and scientist from various countries converging and experimenting in a World class learning and research facilities, it is expected that findings , discoveries and solution from these facility are world class certified , so also the carriers-out ( researchers ) which we are as well a part of.

Furthermore, it is generally expected that international recognitions graduates to international certifications or accreditation which implies your international qualification. It is with this qualification you say that your eligibility for acceptability in the international market has been met which is manifested through your exportability. It is in this exportability that you increase your chance, capacity and capability in the front line of international or global market.

The way the World class education and research facilities is to be operated together with solutions generated and intellectual properties birthed , which of course, will have some international or global weight would powered by our nation thereby putting us on the top of the research and solution provider map.

Men of our own self- The advantages of these arrangement is quite numerous but quite important to mention is that it creates an environment for us to be a man of own self. It affords us a platform where the blunt and weak (so to say developing countries like ours) can be sharpened up and become men of ourselves –a nodal point. That is, to a level where we can stand tall and call some shots on national, international and global affairs. This means we would be self- sustainable which is true essence of independence we should have.

Sociocultural advantages- The opportunities soaked in sociocultural advantages is one that one cannot completely squeeze out the juice from it orange. This arrangement creates a platform for various sociocultural ethnic and background which in fact is an action in the direction of global unity and peace.

Knowledge enabling atmosphere- It creates favorable and catalytic enabling atmosphere for new knowledge to be discovered there by raising the bar in global education which is quite essential to the survival of humanity.

Leaders and pace setter- we would be Provider of solution precepts for the developing counties and others thereby joining in making the world a better place for all.


Creative Team of Business Developers   – Move 2

In my attempt at carrying on and taking a step further in my strategic, I shall set up a top class business development team. As mentioned earlier, solutions and discoveries either from these special teams or from any other persons exhibited or expressed in form of intellectual properties, innovations and inventions which makes the basis for business as business plans can be drawn out from them. Further to carrying out this move, the efforts of our students research works which are not more than prints on sheets would be given a life and the dumped projects in our libraries would be made the most of.

Operation mode of Move

Programmes and bodies to oversee these businesses from the funding at creation or inception stage till operating and sustainably managing them would be put out. Individuals, government or a partnership of both as often exhibited through different arrangements of public private partnership would be part of its operation mode.

Encouraging policies and Support programmes in knowledge, finances, management for citizens, either as sponsors, investors, individuals or groups willing to be involved. Because these business can be an extraction and conversion of just any body’s work in the confederation, it is easy to realize that such project will be typical to the situation of people and the country as opposed to foreign adopted models from other countries which do not add any good or help in solving any our national issue rather creating some form of more complexities. This move promises to be that which would be continually exercised and stretched to it limits of exploration and exploitation, setting aside all things geared towards making for the effectiveness and efficiency of this arrangement to be optimal.

More so, as opposed to the believe lackadaisical attitude of government workers in the nation, Any unwilling or unproductive worker would be kicked out because business ethics and cultures would be imbibe as they have been found over time to be quite productive and effective.

Some Objectives of Move

Employment- The major objective of this move is employment. The move is capable of absorbing unemployed Nigerian in the country and beyond.

Making the most out of or human intellectual and skill resources- This move will lead to skill accusation and capacity building through vocation and technical education, science education and cognitive skill programmes.

Productive involvements- it engages the youth or people in productive involvements socially, culturally, economically and physically and mentally.

Revenue generation – revenues can easily from the proposed businesses springing forth from the research work


Sectors of Focus

Here are of sectors that would be by my focus;


Using the knowledge, deductions and propositions obtained from the best of brains or researchers from different countries ( for example; china, Portugal, Iran, us and Canada) who we either to some degree share similarities in road transport issues and have technically and strategically walked out of it or have expertise knowledge in this sector.

Judging by what is visible and evident in the nation and going by an innovative research work of mine and other premising researches which dubbed carpooling the grand solution in the road transportation sector, I shall see to fruition the potentials of this strategy with assistance of professionals, business owners, business developers and   investors, experts and veterans of this speciality with the hope that it solves our transportation and as such creates a good number of employment in this sector

As customary to most government practices, revenues from this sector will be either re injected into the sector for growth and expansion or divested into another area of the economy deemed or assessed fit. Various other management tools or arrangement in this sector will be explored while the most sustainable and positive would be given the most ground as it contributes back into our economy.


Human Science and Health

It was in the news sometimes last year January when the Dean of the School of Basic Medical Science of the University of Benin, Nigeria, Professor Isaiah Ibeh announced the development of a new drug that can cure HIV and AIDS. He backed up his claim as substantially as a professor of science should. This however has not been looked into at the federal level not to then talk to what it should be internationally.

The likes of Dr. Akintunde Ayeni of Yemkem International Nigeria Limited, a leading trado-medical company in Nigeria and some part of Africa and other factions who have a result- carrying substantial medical knowledge that can be looked into and analyzed scientifically – making a case, for example, for such people and our other known indigenous researchers or scholars teaming up with internationally renowned medical research personnel of different or the same specialties from countries like India, UK, US, china and Saudi Arabia would be one of my considerations.

The accruing benefits, nationally and beyond, of this medical breakthrough and discoveries can as well be handed monetarily (from making of a business off solution) and in other ways. This again is seen inform of revenue than can be re-injected, reinvested and divested

Fashion, Art and Media

With Hollywood being the second largest export commodity of the United States which also translates to it being a major contributor to their GDP, one can evidently see the wealth of opportunities in the fashion art and media sector. The economy of Nations like France, UK, and Italy are as well experiencing fashion, art and media as a huge contributor to their country’s purse. In fact, this sector is quite significantly attributed to the reason of their international recognition and it is the sustenance of this recognition that retains their export market in the face of international competition, international businesses or partnership and more

Talent is, to a large extent, the foundation on which the monuments of fashion, music, media and art are built on. By this, it affords people self – employment as reflected in entrepreneurship and freelancing.

In my attempt to energies this sector so as to increase its performance and contribution and shall start a very dynamic and effective program that sources for stories, artworks, movie scripts, short drama and from the youth, unemployed or any interest individual and transform them to international and export material. This is just like- for example, following the footsteps of Wale Adenuga Productions and the PEFTI Film Institute in the country – but in case adequately supported at the government level and diligently managed by the best professionals or personnel’s who can fine tune the creativity to international quality and acceptance.

This would be done strategically. I’d also like to give as an example using movie , ‘half a yellow’ which was originally a story by our own on indigenous master story writer or teller, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who today is a typical example an export commodity as she’s now quite international acceptable owing to the progressive international reactions, recognitions and awards she has bagged in the span of her career. Likewise is the case for Chiwetel Ejiofor who was born in the UK but by Nigeria parents. He is also an international commodity owing to the foreign recognitions and awards he’s bagged. Genevieve Nnaji and few others do, of course, share similar testimony if not at the same extent.

With the level of quality production at intentional standard, this movie is quite acceptable beyond the movie market of our nation and as such, figures have it that is generating some huge revenue for the producers and directors and actors of such movies.

Now imagine if this kind of arrangement is effectively sponsored by just a fraction of the extensive budget of our nation where A-list directors and producers , actors and actress like James Cameron , Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie and Cameron Michelle Diaz among others can work hand in hand with some of our indigenous actress, and story writers and producers under a very hi tech or world class movie production environment.

This can upgrade our movie home (Nollywood) and our artist, actors and actress by gliding with the wings of this developed and international acceptable movie home (Hollywood)  till we can boldly get our feet of the ground and fly too. Same can go for or be adopted in music. This is to match us up to international recognition- the first steps towards being a good export commodity.

Fashion- fashion being a fraction of the art, creative media sector can be the same case for as above. Countries like America, UK, France, Italy and some Asian countries to some considerable extent are floating their economy ship on the waters of the fashion as demonstrated in the creative and innovative ways. They have been able to be in the world class market and retain their relevancies there in this regard and capacity.

Making to come pass the working together of different fashionist and designers from various countries including ours; the likes of founders of Dolce & Gabbana designer, ,Domenico Dolce Stefano Gabbana, and Gianni Versace of Versace designer, Guccio Gucci of Gucci designer, from Italy;  Dame Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westwood from UK, Christian Louboutin of Christian Louboutin designer, Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent of YSL, Louis Vuitton of Louis Vuitton designer from Paristogether with some home-made and based designers like Zizi Cardow of Zizi designers, Larry Kay Ojomo of LK Mon Ami. MOMO COUTURE, Deola Sagoe and MUDI are arrangements that can afford same advantages and edges like that explained with the movie paragraph above.

You would notice that I did not mention any indigenous, leather or shoe industry or persons because we don’t have one or rather i don’t know one which truly a house hold brand name in this regard in our nation.

Lastly, I shall make sure every drop of sweat count in my fight and action towards piracy all in a bit to make create the right conditions and environment necessary for the take off our market in this sector.

As it goes for other sectors, the revenue is also either reinvested or divested in other need full area of the economy.

On a further note, having done this, I shall then establish a capacity building program (CPC) which would be operative in different ways. Some of these ways could be through;


Capacity Building Program (CPC)

This would operate as a form of compulsorily giving back or voluntarily giving back to the program and it could be direct or indirect.

Direct; I mean, every indigenous artist who have benefited from these arrangements and now has a paradigm shift in his or her career as reflected in the number of businesses, opportunities and international exposures or acquaintances may be required to give a fraction of their earnings to this programme so that it can be sustained and expanded to accommodate growing populations and demand.

Indirect; by this, the give- back may not necessary be money as artist can compelled into creating their own personal Capacity Building Program and reaching out to some numbers of the people with talents yet to be absorbed.  

Voluntary giving back to the program; this is quite similar to the above scenarios but in this case voluntary.

Power, Energy and Mining

Over decades, the commitment of funds to the production of fuel and its derivatives is well above that which would have or which is required for adequate power supply in the nation- in an article, ‘International competitiveness: A major factor of Raising our Nation’s Economy ’ , written by my humble self and published sometimes in 2013 in the Guardian newspaper, Nigeria .

It appears the other sectors like oil, banking and telecommunications sectors in the nation has been over stressed and stretched although having not much to show for it. By most indications, the power sector is suppose to be the next focus of government whereby it privatization should at least bring about massive employment as in the case of telecommunications, banking and petroleum sector has fared in time past before they fell.

Thus, the present state of our power and energy sector is showing all pointers to the fact that we need a team of veterans and experts in our power and energy sector who can make the best of the natural resources, solve our problems and turn around employment ratio for the better.

An adequately equipped facility where various other options can be giving a chance and tested in an attempt for discover new ways to generate power as opposed to the major premium spirit being used will be a good step taking forward in the direction of solving our power issues. We can look coal and biodegradable substance/

Also focus on other others mining sectors would be necessitated as we know we have gold in Zamfara; uranium in Taraba; tin-ore in Plateau; columbite in Nassarawa; iron ore in Kogi; gysium in Gombe and limestone in Sokoto among others.

Making a case for researchers from Canada, America, and china from other countries to storm brains together and shake out the solutions is something I can make a case for. The benefits and revenue of which will be rightly managed and adequately sustained.

Agriculture sector

It is said there is no tropical agricultural crop known to man that cannot be grown in Nigeria. The agriculture business is a quite lucrative and agriculture will never expire. This sector appears to be hope for our country as it is typical to our making. A significant proportion of the food we eat all over the states of the federation comes from the North. A large chunk of the North is arable and supportive of year-round food production.

With adequate backing, reinforcement and management that can create for a transition from subsistence to mechanized agriculture, Northern Nigeria alone can produce enough food to feed the whole of Africa. Northern Nigeria is bigger than most African countries.

With this in done and with the right policy mixes, the North will earn for Nigeria billions of dollars annually from agriculture not mention our fertile land and arable cropping down in the south west and east too. Agriculture and agro-allied industries can be nation’s largest GDP contributor tomorrow. The very much recent crowning of Nigeria as having the highest GDP in Africa is a testament to this eventuality. Kudos to the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, and our President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for the light shown in this sector. Having a good research institute and international partnership in this sector would only enhance, the more, the positive impacts we are already experiencing.


Infrastructure is an indicator of the level of country’s development and the people’s stand of living. Infrastructure as referentially described by my humble self in an article ‘International competitiveness: A major factor of Raising our Nation’s Economy’

Published sometime last year is as all provisions, tangible or intangible, provided either by the government (mostly by them), or individuals or association of individuals, or partnership of both that positively enables dwellers’ activities and also act like lubricant to the dwellers of such nation there by making possible for less cost and stress to be incurred within and outside their dwelling or production compounds and making living easier and its standard higher.

Making a case for infrastructure cannot be exaggerated as it is said that for “every dollar spent on public infrastructure investment, the gross domestic product of the country will increase by approximately 0.05to 0.25 dollars’’. Picture what a thousand dollar will yield, a million dollar will yield and a billion dollar will yield. Thus, Infrastructure is a Gateway to a Nation’s s Economy growth and Development because it facilitates International competitiveness which also bugs down to export commodity – an off shoot of international recognition and acceptance.

The bringing together of professionals from various countries poses a concept pregnant with opportunities of creating solutions in this sector.


Policy is seen as a blood that runs through all sectors of a nation. It is the head and leg that establishes and affects all on any national programme   from its conception to its operation. It is what determines the lively hood and survival of any governmental creation or programme.

Thus, it remains the most vital and critical sector of any nation. A thorough and proficient analysis of policies operational in all sector of the nation would be carried out by some experts. Sustainable adjustment and amendment of polices would be embarked up on if any. Policies create a form chain reaction in all sectors of a nation therefore it should be diligently and carefully examined.



IT and Technology

It appears that the IT market in our nation is one still growing and in need of an expert nurturing. Countries of specialties in this sector like India, Korea, America, china Pakistan and Germany can be partnered with in most aspect of technology including that of transportation (road, air and water), security and defence.

The internet market is also looking quite attractive judging from the rate of investors coming into the country to provide it. Giving this sector a required push can contribute to the country ain diverse ways especially through job creations.

Sustaining the Research Facility and Educational Sector

It is believed that there is no end of knowledge which could be interpreted as there is no end to research, learning – education. Therefore, we have an established basis on the need and importance of sustaining the art and act of researches in an enhanced learning environment. Some of the ways by which this can be done is by: A reservation of the fraction revenue streaming in from the contributions or solutions from these researches; there is a high likely of grants and donations from developed countries as they all know the importance of education and researches; through foreign partnership or exchange and last through apportioning a cut for it from a national budget.


Making a Case for Nigeria in the next BRICs

Brazil, Russia, India and China have been identified as four emergent powerhouses of the world economy referred to as the BRICs. However, Nigeria is included among “the Next Eleven” countries of Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, and Vietnam.

It is supposed that there are certain factors or similarities that tie us together with these other countries. Some of which is believed to population, developing nations and similarities in our economic prospects. One can as well look from the angle that most these nations have a high Muslim percentage, high level poverty, low standard of living and also a staggering low number of literacy. All of these features are what is most evident in the northern state and people of Nigeria which is why I presume that Femi Aribisalain a very much recent publication ‘why Nigeria needs the North ’believes that Nigeria needs the north and Without the North, Nigeria’s much-vaunted potentials would vanish.

The future for us however seems bright going by Goldman Sachs Investment Bank’s forecast carried out in 2005 that Nigeria will be the 20th largest economy in the world by 2025 and the 12th largest by 2050; ahead of Italy, Canada and South Korea.
like wise, President Barack Obama of the United States at the U.S.-Nigeria Trade and Investment Forum organised by the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation of the Americas (NIDOA) in Washington D.C. in 2012 acknowledged Nigeria not only as a strategic centre of gravity in Africa; he went further to proclaim the country “the world’s next economic giant

Of a truth, the Nigeria can possibly attain the status of major labor-force, industrial and agro- industrial power house in the world through the human resource of the north. However, if Nigeria must win the BRICs race or indeed become part of the next BRICs which we were losing out on but tangibly making a comeback, a strategically constructed walk-through path must be in place so that we can together match ourselves as nation to a desirable end.

Standing on all our natural advantages over the other to-be BRICs,some which includes, geography and topography (land resource, arable crops, fertile soil, free of earthquakes, hurricanes and other environmental natural disasters ), our population (human resource ) especially the Muslims or northerners, we can succeed the present BRICslike Indian and Russia just like Dangote is ahead of their wealth champions, Mukesh Amban and Alisher Usmanov respectively- a height which he reached via the wings of industrialization and manufacturing.

We all know what it means to be an ‘Aboki’ in Nigeria. It means cheap labour especially for very rigorous jobs. With a well organized labor industry where a good number of these ‘Abokis’ ,however handicapped, can acquire skills via technical, and vocational educational institutions, we would be drawing close to the next BRICs.Cheap and affordable human resource is in fact the gateway to high industrialization and a sustainable one which is what our northerners afford us.

Having acquired the required skills, our leaders or government should religiously organize an intensive and extensive manufacturing industries like textile, leather, agriculture and so on where by the products of these industries are up to standard and are exported, then we would also be indeed moving close to being what the likes of President Obama and  Goldman Sachs Investment Bank are seeing in our country, the giant of African. Even in all other developed nations that are striving well, their vocational, technical and artistry skills have been one good contributor to their economy   via exportation and also internalization of such skills which affords them a high level of self- sustainability.

Branding- Lastly I shall tap into the branding strategies of marketing. Branding is like focus- what in the economy world is seen as specialization which itself is a natural advantage in the marketability of any trading service. Branding creates that thing first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a particular, place, product or services. You have got to be known for something to be known at all and that ‘knowing’ is what branding brings to your table in the economy circle.

Picture this; If one thinks about Dubai, we know what comes into our mind is vacation or tourism; San Francisco – conference centres; Las Vegas- casinos; Miami – vacation, tourism; UK – fashion and schools among others; Italy -leather and fashion; Korea – technology; UAE , Qatar- oil; Germany- cars and machines; Abu Dhabi -luxury hotels and so on.

Some of the to-be BRICs like Turkey are already having their niche with textiles, china is having hers with cheap and affordability commodities and human resource, India is also already gradually carving a niche for herself in   IT and medicines, Bangladesh and others are making tangible efforts in also being also known for a good industrial environment and cheap and affordable labor which is a step-up in their game at exportation there by making for an increase in there GDP and increasing standard of living generally.

Nigeria as well needs to be known with an industry which in fact should be our major export industry. Since we are steadily losing out in the oil industry over time, then the agricultural industry, cheap and affordable human resource and a favorable industrial environment seems to be the best bet for us right now. Agriculture and our nation have always had it right especially speaking from the old times when we one of the top exporters of cocoa and groundnut in the world.

Though our attention was distracted and diverted and by oil but from the present look of things, we might have to go back to our neglected and unfinished work in the agricultural and get it started again. This, I make bold to say the President of the nation and the Minister of Agriculture are presently doing dedicatedly and effectively as seen as seen through the ‘one campaign’ and Forbes recently naming the Nigerian Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina its African Person of the Year 2013 because of the recognition of his efforts in this sector thereby reducing Nigeria’s food import bill by $6 billion annually.

Reno Omokri, Special Assistant on News Media to President Jonathan, in a recent article said Nigeria is now near self sufficient in rice, wheat and poultry production as a result of the deliberate action of the government in eliminating the corruption in the fertilizer procurement and distribution system, free distribution of high yield seedlings to farmers and extension of agricultural loans to small and medium scale farmers



In closing, Education is indeed the best legacy. Nigeria can’t go far without a good and extensive learning and research institutions, no nation does especially in this present day economy which is quite knowledge based. It is an economy that have emerged following globalization and information technology revolution and as such universities, research institution and other educational or learning institutions   are expected to play a pivotal role by generating, harnessing and transmitting knowledge for sustainable development and improved standard of living.

Saint et al. (2003) reported that in 2002, Nigeria could only boast of 15 scientists and engineers per million persons. This compares unfavorably with 168 in Brazil, 459 in China, 158 in India and 4,103 in United States of America. Thus, inferably speaking, more needs to be done in terms of creating standard learn institution and research   facilities and improving access to them. A beefed up research and learning institutions will increase our skilled manpower thereby enhancing our   human capacity. Having a higher literacy level of literacy in the nation translates to high productivity individually and collectively.

As with our ‘abokis’ and other persons who are more or less dead human capital or resource because of lack of education and skills, unorganised labour force market which is reflected in industrialisation; there would be a change a story. Many of the problems being experienced in the north today is owed to old leaders especially the military who have deliberately kept the poor uneducated, preferring to feed them from the crumbs falling from their table. It is this act among others that has culminated into the political and social strains as we have it today and have graduated into our economical strains.

Some strategies shares in this piece would put into our hands, a higher level of productivity and an increased useful, fruitful and accountable engagement of the northerners or ‘Abokis’ in the nation. Cheap and affordable human resource is a fertile ground for a sustainable and efficient industrialisation. Nigeria has this in abundance as afforded to us by the northerners. With a well fuelled and functioning industrial sector especially agro- industries, we would be able to employ a whooping number of person and as such creating a better economy for us as a nation and beyond.

A Case for Rebasing of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as Africa’s Largest Economy

Taking a cue from the rebasing of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which placed our country as Africa’s largest economy, as recently announced by World Bank, we know we are moving forward. Though there have been a lot of debates and discredits brewing to this recent announcement by World Bank which saw our rebased nominal GDP estimates for 2013 hitting $509.9 billion from $285. 56 billion. What we should remind and ask ourselves is;

–          Why this is coming in the revival period or agricultural sector where our food import bill was reduced by $6 billion annually.

–          Why this is coming during the creation of empowerment programmed for youth and the people as powered by the subsidy re-investment – (SURE-P). A programme which is already fulfilling it promises of absorbing by 50,000 unemployed graduates. This program spreads quite across all calibre persons in the country and in most or all states of the confederation therefore having lots of beneficiaries.

–          Why this is coming when our automobile industry is being revived by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Olusegun Aganga. Though some argue that it doesn’t properly connect with the people and it is quite ad-hoc therefore not having a quick wing to fly forgetting that even plane spends some on ground before it takes-off. However going by the statistics of affected lives, this programme as fared quite well and it is the sustenance we should pray for.


In conclusion, if our nation as a plane must fly along with its people, the education sector is the cock pit that can get us to a good economy height and beyond.

The whole essence of these strategies is job creation through empowerment programmes as seen in entrepreneurship or self employment and general employment via industries, national sectors and what-a view. The optimal functioning of each every one of these sector automatically in turn creates for immerse job and other binding and potential opportunities hidden and heralded in it.

However, we ought to know that all over the world, it has been established that the government can’t employ everybody especially with a fast growing population but as with the developed nations, they will continually thrive at increasing it capacity to do. The onus is on us to also discover ourselves via some of the programmes, and employ ourselves especially those with talent.

Thus, if the government, entrepreneurs (individual or group), private investors or even private public investors be a part of or buy into the ideas, solutions, innovations and inventions that some of the businesses the researches spring forth, we would have a better case of unemployment than we are having now in the nation.

A Canadian professor once said that essence of higher education is not necessarily employment but a higher education. It is time for Nigerians to start thinking big and bigger and this can only be achieved via the gateway of education.

thank you.



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