Esoteric Insight into the full World of Wisdom

Solomon was the wisest king per excellence, a fact which is expressed in the saying, “He who sees Solomon in a dream may hope for wisdom”. Solomon who is believed to the wisest man in the world is also believed to be wealthiest man that has ever lived. Should we consider this a coincidence? God himself, the owner of heaven and earth- the richest Supreme Being- is also the highest bearer of wisdom. Is this also a coincidence? Well this article would be opening our inner eye on questions like this and more. It enables us to grasps the bright light of true wisdom through the medium of esoteric knowledge even when or if we are unable to do so through the medium of faith.

The truth is that Wisdom can afford you whatever you want, not necessarily material things or money as widely believes, and as much as you want it. Wisdom can put into your hands what people have dreamed for, schemed for and sold their souls for. Solomon asked for it, got it and all other things with it. This is because where ever true wisdom takes charge, other provisions and solutions are bound to herald it. Wisdom though given alone comes in a total package of all other good things to man.

Wisdom is indeed a mystery. While many people make the mistake of being incredulous concerning the existence or reality of the mystery or spirituality of wisdom, there are also many who go to the other extreme, and, having become convinced of the verity of the invisibility or enigmatic nature of wisdom, think that when a person is clairvoyant all truth is at once open to him; that when one can “see,” he at once “knows all about” these higher World of wisdom.

Understanding on one hand is a thing of the heart and wisdom is a thing of the mind- the brain. Understanding is basically influenced by what we hear because the body naturally tries to understand what it hears. The heart instinctively feels that there is something greater, and it yearns for that which it feels is a higher truth than can be grasped by the mind alone. Everything you hear is a seed and the ultimate seed is the word of God. Broadly, there are always two kinds of knowledge; good knowledge and evil knowledge which can transform into good wisdom and evil wisdom. This is described in the bible as the tree that bears two kinds of fruit, evil and good.

However, perhaps owing to civilisation, the chasm that stretches between mind and heart yawns deep and wide and, as the mind flies on from discovery to discovery in the realms of science, the gulf becomes ever deeper and wider and the heart is left further and further behind. Knowledge is learned, while wisdom is given. Knowledge comes by looking around; wisdom comes by looking up. Knowledge comes by studying; wisdom comes by meditation. Wisdom is the right application of knowledge. You can get knowledge without the Holy Spirit, but you cannot get true wisdom without Him.

Wisdom is, in fact, that knowledge which one can only find at the bottom of one’s own heart. That is wisdom can be described as the remainder of what settles after a word (knowledge) as being heard and the sieving- mechanism of understanding have been put to work. This mechanism is what separates wisdom out; the residue of which can be a reusable knowledge which is why it is often said that no knowledge acquired is lost. Knowledge is often easy unto him that understands because he finds wisdom.
The mind (wisdom) loudly demands and will be satisfied with nothing less than a materially demonstrable explanation of man and his fellow-creatures that make up the phenomenal world. The heart is automatically dull once sharpens words are out of place.

The human soul would fain soar upon ethereal pinions of intuition; the art is at present it is shackled by the dominant brain. Some day it will gather strength to burst its prison bars and become a power greater than the mind. However, because there can be no contradiction in nature, therefore the heart and the mind must be capable of uniting. The Eventuality of this union between the head and heart will signify the Perfected Man. We need a sane mind, a soft heart, and a sound body to be truly wise and dominators of the earth.

What is wisdom?

First of all, you can’t have wisdom outside of knowledge. Wisdom, I would say, means a lot of things. It is having the knowledge of creation and being able to apply it. It is art of making something from nothing or the art of making a forest from seed. It brings about solution, provisions and multiplication everywhere is applied. The servant who didn’t did nothing with the talent given to him by his master was frowned at and his talent collect back because he failed to be wise to multiply his gifts.

It is having a spiritual knowledge of a thing which is unavailable to most people- knowledge of mysteries. You can’t actually be truly wise without a supernatural assistance. It is the art of turning water to wine and yet it is not magic. It is the art of knowing how things come into being. It is having applicable knowledge on terrestrial and celestial things or affairs. Perhaps, this is why many factions refer to it as the sixth sense –invisible sense of mankind.

For the Christians, I would like you to see wisdom as the art of knowing where the wind comes from and where it is going, or the art of knowing how bones are formed the womb of a pregnant woman. It is having knowledge of what is seemingly impossible to most people. It can actually make a man walk on water and sit in the air. It is having supreme knowledge of God’s creation and making the best of them. It is the knowledge of how water gets into the coconut.

However, it is quite unfortunate that most men of this world have not being able to see or realise wisdom is this light but this would become visible to our eyes when those eyes have borrowed strength from the eagle via the insight in this article. Though most of us see these set of wise humans as completely spiritual beings but “Wise Men” are actual human beings. They are only Masters of knowledge built on esoteric truths of the ancient past, which is concealed from the average man; provide insight into nature, the physical universe and the spiritual realm

Jesus Christ distastefully frowns at lack of wisdom. He has a limitless willingness to give as it is like a thing He took on upon himself to contribute to the world- a passion. Wisdom is in fact the first assignment of the Holy Spirit because it is what He was sent to help us with. The Holy Spirit is given to each of us in a special way. That is for the good of all. Jesus Christ understood that helping us with wisdom would be the greatest comfort to us as humans but unfortunately because we are not tapping into the power of wisdom, hardship has been the order of the day in our going about life. The Holy Spirit was sent to teach us all things and remind us of everything Jesus has said- knowledge. This is because He knew the importance of being constantly and on-timely wise and all the words He said were words of wisdom or the demonstration of power of wisdom. He knew that ultimately, you can only be wise is by connecting with him.

There are different kinds of gifts. But they are all given by the same Spirit. This is why I will urge you to see the gifts of the holy spirit as the same as the spirit of wisdom because , indeed to some people, the Spirit gives the message of wisdom.; To others the same Spirit gives the message of knowledge; To others the same Spirit gives faith; To others that one Spirit gives gifts of healing; To others he gives the power to do miracles; To others he gives the ability to prophesy; All of these gifts are supreme component and manifestation forms of wisdom. In furtherance, this is also why the fruit of the spirit, love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are all virtue of wisdom.

‘Wisdom (said Solomon) is to a man an infinite Treasure, for she is the Breath of the Power of God, and a pure Influence that flow from the Glory of the Almighty; she is the Brightness of Eternal Light, and an under filed Mirror of the Majesty of God, and an Image of his Goodness; she teach us Soberness and Prudence, Righteousness and Strength; she understands the Subtilty of words, and Solution of dark sentences; she fore- know Signs and Wonders, and what shall happen in time to come.

All of these can only be said by a man you truly have experienced, demonstrated and manifested the wholistic content of wisdom and its application. That is a man who knew how the World was created, thereby he understood the Nature of the Elements, also the time, beginning, middle and end, the increase and decrease, the change of times through the whole Year, the Revolution of the Year, and Ordinance of the Stars; he understood also the properties of tame and wild Beasts, the Winds, and minds and intents of men, all sorts and natures of Plants, Roots, and others, was not unknown to him.

He knew almost everything the lord knew about the earth because the lord gave him that knowledge that translated wisdom. He had a really huge feel of the supremacy and powers of God’s knowledge. The bible says he spoke of trees, from the cedar that is in Lebanon even to the hyssop that grows on the wall; he spoke also of animals and birds and creeping things and fish.

The hierarchy of wisdom is a function of the hierarchy of knowledge. There are levels of wisdom according to levels of knowledge but Knowledge of man make the apex in the triangle of wisdom. Solomon knew the intents of men which a unique and rare dimension of the power of wisdom. We can say he had at least a pinch of every man’s foolishness in his hands and he could exploit it as he wanted. The lord gave him a discernment heart superior to every other person’s own who in fact makes him wiser than every other person and the wealthiest man that ever lived. He had a discernment ability of the highest order. Discernment is a spiritual understanding ability and works in a mechanism form that is invisible.

His superiority to David is shown in his judgments afforded to him by his supreme discerning ability. He had no need of relying on witnesses in delivering a judgment, inasmuch as by simply looking at the contending parties he knew which was right and which was wrong just as the Lord Jesus knew his betrayer was. This is was possible for Solomon still on a platform of the power of wisdom.
Solomon is a very close runner up to Jesus Christ especially in the knowledge of earth but most people don’t realise this or are yet to. This is so because Jesus Christ gave him to him on the ground of wisdom he asked for. This is also because knowledge will always be first gateway wisdom and of course, Jesus Christ knew this.

Solomon gave testimonies of how the lord brought him forth as the first of his works, before his deeds of old; how he was formed long ages ago, at the very beginning, when the world came to be; When there were no watery depths, he was given birth, when there were no springs overflowing with water; before the mountains were settled in place, before the hills; before he made the world or its fields or any of the dust of the earth; how he was there when the lord set the heavens in place, when he marked out the horizon on the face of the deep, when he established the clouds above and fixed securely the fountains of the deep, when he gave the sea its boundary so the waters would not overstep his command and how he was there when the lord marked out the foundations of the earth. He could delight in everything because he caught the spiritual light in every thing

Solomon demonstrated first class wisdom just as Jesus Christ did in dispute cases. When two mothers claimed a child, he knew who the rightful owner was even without a DNA test. He was as discerning as Jesus Christ himself because of the high level power of wisdom he tapped into. Adam, who many see as the first Jesus was a great body of knowledge because he gave names to all the cattle, and to the birds of the sky, and to every beast of the field. So Solomon had as much knowledge of creation as Adam.

Ordinarily the wisest man should have highest result because all that anyone is or has is the result of effort, mentally, physically and spiritually or supernaturally. Jesus Christ demonstrated this all his life and in everywhere he went. He would feed 5000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish; he would walk on water, turn water to wine and gathers the highest crowd, simply settle and judge quite complicated cases, He would pull the highest crowd, still the storm and go about performing never-seen or heard before miracles. Most us do not realize all of these things were able to be done by because He has supreme knowledge of most things which made wisdom limitlessly handy for him in all his doings.

God himself even did more spectacular miracles. The lord creating man from dust is the highest display of wisdom He created the heaven and earth with words, formed bones in a pregnant wombs stomach, create woman from man and man from dust, formed every beast of the field and every bird of the sky Out of the ground and so on.
David, a ‘small boy’, could kill lion and bear alone. He killed a giant with a single stone – the first out of the five stones and presumed for himself. Solomon also wrote over three thousand recorded proverbs. He would normal attract most people from far and near, old and young to learn and listen to him like Jesus Christ . He however also appointed to himself twelve officers like Jesus Christ had twelve disciples. He had great knowledge of creations like Adam. All of these men were indeed wise men and these performances of them were demonstrations and displays of the power of wisdom and its application.
The wiser we are, the more likely we are him. That is, the wiser we are, the closer we are to perfection and at perfection nothing is impossible. This is why nothing is impossible for Him because He is perfect body, soul and spirit – spiritually, mentally and physically.

Gaining and Sustaining Wisdom
The truth is that Jesus Christ, as it were, is the wisest of all men. He is wisdom personified. He is either the maker of it or the highest supplier of it because he always willing to give to give to anyone who truly wants it. But unlike generosity where you may be given a thing even without asking, wisdom must be asked for before it is given.

After asking for wisdom, there are some criteria that must be met before it can be given to us which are one of the reasons why most people who ask do not receive. All of these are what contributes and concludes into the mysteries nature of wisdom. Wisdom is freely given, yet only a few truly have it. Wisdom is always granted- this tells you that in is in someone’s custody, the giver. The granting of wisdom is often heralded the gifts of it like riches, honour, wealth. A wise man must either be rich, wealth or honourable There are some criteria and some characters that make the custodian of wisdom deem you fit for wisdom before it is granted to you. This is explained in the short narration below.

A young man came to a nestor one day and asked, “Sir, what must I do to become wise? The nestor granted no answer. The young lad after repeating his question a number of times, with a like result, at last left the nestor, to return the next day with the same question. Again no answer was given and the young lad returned on the third day, still repeating his question, “Sir what must I do to become wise?” Finally the nestor turned and sat him boy down. The nestor then told the boy to get a big basin of water. The young lad certainly didn’t why but obeyed because he could at this point do almost anything to get an answer from this nestor.

Upon arriving with this large basin of water the nestor took the young man by his head and held him under the water, despite his struggles to free himself. At last, however, he released him and when the lad had regained his breath the old man questioned him: “Son, when you were under the water what did you most desire?”

The lad answered without hesitation, “Air, air! I wanted air!” “Would you not rather have had riches, wealth, power or honour? Did you not think of any of these, boy?” asked the sage. “No sir! I wanted air and thought only of air,” came the instant response “Then,” said the nestor, “To become wise you must desire wisdom with as great intensity as you just now desired air. You must struggle for it, to the exclusion of every other aim in life. It must be your one and only aspiration, by day and by night. If you seek wisdom with that fervour, boy, you will surely become wise as nothing worth having ever comes without persistent effort.

One take home point for from this short story is that wisdom is sought exclusive to other aim in life but having true wisdom is inclusive of all other things in life. You wonder why it seems that most professors and philosophers are not trendy, this is it. They understand that distinct knowledge is sought exclusively. That is the first and central requisite the aspirant to true wisdom—an unswerving desire, a burning thirst for knowledge; a zeal that allows no obstacle to conquer it.

Likewise, Solomon, the wisest man that has ever lived, ask it from God- Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ himself in bible always told people who lack wisdom not to hesitate in asking to god (himself) for he always gives generously. where most people miss it that they don’t realise they are not wise enough or at all and so asking for it is a far-off option for us but asking for it from an invisible is far more ridiculous. And again, most humans are always about wealth or honour for you, death of your enemies or long life for you. All of these reasons make the list the main distractions of man from wisdom and its spirituality.
More so, the world today is that the tentacles that bind man are stronger and more inflexible than ever before. Man’s intellectual advancement and inventive achievements in many fields, though admittedly noteworthy, have by their very reactions bound him more securely than at any time during recorded history.

However, since wisdom is with a custodian, our relationship with this custodian determines whether He approves of us to grant wisdom unto us. For the saint, wisdom is an inheritance. Our upright relationship with this custodian goes a long way in attaining and getting wisdom. The bible expressly admonishes those who seek wisdom to search for it as a man seeks and searches for hidden treasure. We are to pray with fervency, with insistency, and with expectancy. Thus, if we have to ask for wisdom, we must do in faith. Righteousness makes us worthy before him for wisdom. This attitudinal processes of having wisdom being granted to people is the reason why wise people do exploit because of the high level of faith they have which is afforded to them by some esoteric knowledge and a spiritual backing. The bible expressly quotes that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.
Wisdom shall set you free but wisdom is not found once and forever. Wisdom is eternal, and the quest for it must also be eternal. Since the man who realizes his ignorance has taken the first step toward knowledge, he must continually realize that keep his realization of ignorance up so he can always have a top-up of knowledge- wisdom. It is realization of ignorance that actually creates the space where wisdom can occupy.

In sustaining wisdom, you need to realize thoroughly the importance of keeping your mind in the fluidal state of adaptability which characterizes a little child. The enormous advantage of such an attitude of mind when investigating any given subject, object or idea must be apparent.

Selflessness of Wisdom

On a further note, selfless motive is a fertilizer of the ground on which you seek wisdom. The supreme motive for seeking wisdom must be an ardent desire to benefit humanity, entirely disregarding self in order to work for others. Unless prompted by that motive, wisdom could dangerous especially if it is being abused. Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Absolute Wisdom is even worst which is why every wise person realises his treading on a very delicate ground and also we can only keep matching-on on this ground successfully if and only if we keep abiding by the instructions.

Solomon request for wisdom was granted expressly because he said he wanted it to the rule the people of God true wisdom and. The power of true wisdom is demonstrated in ruling people but it begins from yourself .Wisdom goes to people who seek for the better of humanity Which is why in common among real men of god, inventors, humanitarians, philosophers and Socrates, scientist and more. The act of gaining true wisdom seeks to prepare an individual through harmonious development of mind and heart in a spirit of unselfish service to mankind and an all-embracing altruism.

Satan and Wisdom
Solomon knew early enough before he became a king that Instructions are worth more than silver, knowledge more than gold and wisdom more than rubies. His father, David, told him before he died to keep being righteous and perfect before the lord. Solomon was already a wise man because his father thought him to be and because of his inheritance in God through his fathers. David called him a wise man several times and also often made references to the accordance of his wisdom while instructing him but still, he as well missed it at last. This is because he probably failed to realize the stance of Satan and wisdom.

Solomon knew so well of how the Lord do operate but he didn’t give an attention as to how Satan operates. Satan in actually fact is suppose to the next wisest person from time because of his creation and generational long standing experience in the affairs of the earth and that of the heavenly kingdom whilst he was there.
The wisest of men who keep abiding by the rules of getting it- asking in righteousness-fear of god and having faith- are the biggest target of the devil. Why? Because they were a threat to him. The devil took on Solomon that much because it was as if Solomon dethroned or overthrew Satan from his own original position- the wisest of all men then. He caught Adam, he caught Solomon, caught David but he didn’t catch Jesus Christ.

Only Jesus Christ attained perfection too much for Satan to corrupt. He attained a level of wisdom well above Satan’s own long standing wisdom. Satan actually saw the likes of Solomon among others pose a hostile threat of competition between him and them as to who was wiser and as such the devil took special interest in them. Most wise people are a target of the devil because wisdom is gotten through holiness. Truly wise people are a priority in Gods agenda because they are faithful and righteous (fears of the lord) and as such they are a priority in devil’s own agenda too.

In closing, what one lacks in comparison with another is latent in him and capable of development by proper methods- wisdom. Wisdom is undoubtedly the vanguard of the human race and beyond. Wisdom is Gods own responsibility and not even the angels. It is knowledge the mystery of the kingdom of heaven and that of the earth and you can have it.

Thank you.



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