One World Religion: Its Possibility and Attainability

Taking a look around the world, one would see, smell or feel the societal instability speedily getting ubiquitous. Though various factors have been traceable to this menace, religion has, however, been one of the most blamed for it. The question as to whether one world religion is attainable and if it would be a lasting solution to the societal chaos which is already going global have long been on the lips of truly concerned persons. Perhaps this is what prompted the Nigeria chapter of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC to theme its 40 years anniversary celebration as ‘one world religion, is it attainable’. The answer to this salient question, I would say, is essence of this article.

At present, the world is full over 55 religions having Christianity and Islam as the most prominent. However the disparities or differences (view-wise) between these two religions is enough ground for controversy or conflict socially and beyond. We can then picture what the chain reaction emanating from differences or disparities in all the religions is capable of giving birth to. Therefore, making a case for one world religion is worth an urgent addressing.

For two objects to move at the same speed, they must be first of equal properties and must be under the same influence which is we often use the word ‘Ceteris paribus’ in any scientific comparison. As such, for two human beings to unify in actions and reactions, they must as well share equal properties and be under the same influence. This indeed is the underlying concept of feasibility of one world religion.

These influences as it pertain to human are basically two, knowledge and understanding. That is, if we all have the same access of knowledge and the same level understanding, we would all have a unified mode of action or reactions as the case may be. However, the question is can we all have in equality a simultaneous knowledge and level understanding?

Bearing in mind that knowledge is the candle, the match stick is understanding and the flame is wisdom, Knowledge and understanding are quite affected or influenced by numerous factors which makes the possibility of the equality of knowledge and understanding running concurrently in every individual a needle in the haystack kind of affair.

More so, Knowledge is light and it could be internal or external. It is internal when it trapped in form of wisdom through the membrane of understanding which is why is internalising every knowledge is the primary characteristic of any wise man as externality light is susceptible to externalities which may impair wisdom having.

Having a one world religion is like having one-world perfection. How do I mean? If the two persons, ceteris paribus, have the same access of knowledge and the same level of understanding, they would not see any flaw in each other because they would be seeing each other as ‘perfect’. It means that their individualist perception on any matter will be nothing short of a hundred percent in identity as our actions and reactions are a function of our wisdom and not necessarily our feelings. Having a one world religion is like what the Christian mean as rapture where the saints- ‘perfect ones’ unifyingly ascend to heaven.

Religion on one hand is actually a faction of education but most people do not realise this or fail to see it as such. Each religion can be seen as a form of institution- though a unique type- and so, we are students of such institution. It may not be completely safe to call all religion a spiritual institution but it ordinarily is or should be. This is in fact what makes for the ever relentless noise of religious debates which is now phenomenal owing to the monumental crisis hitting the ball of the world on all sides.

The world religion which is now numbering over 55 all shelled out from a single egg of religion which explains that religion which ordinarily should have a unified purpose now has variants and has prompted the schooled members of the originated religion to pull out either gently or vehemently even under the disguise of human rights, democracy and civilisation. This further explains why certain doctrines are common in almost all the religions though may be in different modes.

The coming together of the broken-out nuclei turned organs of the original single entity of religion is of course not impossible but quite unattainable. One reason for this is that, as stated, the force and wisdom required for things to unifying or reunifying is always exponentially more than what is was or is needed for them to separate. It is like having an adult return back to his mother’s womb even when knowing it is almost impossible for a minute old baby.

In conclusion, Age, environment, personal urge or thirst-mystic, basic human make up – spiritual, physical and mental among others are all general influential elements of knowledge and understanding. All of these elements are individualist in nature and as such the chance of each and every person having them equally is as slim as throwing an object in the air and expecting it not to come down. In short, one world religion is not impossible but it is not unattainable.


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