A Rich Man Simply Means a Man of Leverage

At what age in your life did you start seeing greatness in yourself? I can’t remember mine because I was way too young. There are two ways to the top; you can take the ladder or the use the elevator.
A rich man simply means a man of leverage. If you can work progressively (in a good organisation) all your life (probably till about age eighty,) you might eventually become a millionaire or billionaire. That is, a rich of (say your age) is living about 5, 10, 15, 50, 500 years ahead of you.
Fine, Ladder is a safe way to the top but leaves you at an average. More pathetically because you feel you have burnt so much energy climbing to the top and you probably should be higher than where you are but there you are for real. But with an elevator, you are leveraged. Think wisely and choose wisely


Moral Lesson

Time is always of essence

Don’t move too slowly in life, you’d be moving but will still be behind

Wealth and riches is not something you die trying to get.

A rich man simply means a man of leverage


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