‘Thou Saith the Lord’: Guaranteed, On- the-spot and Absolute Solution to Boko Haram

Any religion that does not offer the assurance of salvation, particularly salvation from sin, is a base contraption” – Pastor E.A. Adeboye in Open Heavens, January 27, 2015

Election time is here Again! But for Nigeria, this period hitherto called political rainy season is quite unique in various ways especially that including bloodshed. However, much more to our dismay, Nigerian election officials say more than a million voters in our country’s fallen-apart northeast region may not be able to vote in the presidential elections scheduled for this month of the year. From the forgoing, political and societal inclined persons would all agree with me that this has a denotative potential for violence and intricacies in political, jurisdictional or legal and societal nooks and brooks.

The number one reason often picked when asked the cause of this panic situation is known to both citizens in the country and foreigners or immigrants across the globe but if you want it mentioned again to your hearing, I’m talking about no other number-one terrorist group in the world with a high score record grossing up to over 13,000 since 2009- Boko Haram. The indomitable Jihadist group has been the most important issue before election, it is the most important issue during election, and it will remain the most important issue after this political rainy period- when the ‘political grey skies replace the sunny days.’ Accordingly, the Sunni extremist group has displaced more than one million people in the northeast region of the country and has rendered them homeless. Now, majority of our fellow compatriots are flooding Niger, Cameroon, even Chad and surrounding areas as refugees in very awful conditions. What could be more heart breaking for a fellow Nigerian and much more, a patriot one?

However, thou saith the Lord (from His Word) concerning the present number-one notorious militant group in the world;

The physical combat and political or diplomatic mode of eliminating the insurgent group is, more or less, as if one is trying to fetch water with a basket. That is, we need not waste our resources (soldiers with families especially) or prayers for Boko Haram and our nation. No, it is not as if all hope is lost and we should willfully surrender; neither is it that we should lock out our sentiments from the evil perpetuation in their region. It is much more than that. How do I mean?

Let me put it clear, Boko Haram is the Lord’s doing- it is happening at a ‘set-time.’ You might have to repeat that to yourself and ask why or how. Though many people get it wrong, it is not as if Boko Haram are trigger-happy, bomb drunk, or blood mongers for the fun of it, they are acting under a divine orchestration or arrangement. In truth, it would be a tough one for anyone or group of persons- of even the Lord’s chosen people- to plead with Him to put an end to this evil sect. Oh yes, the situation is similar to one trying to fit a camel through the eye of a needle.

Think about it; why would a person or group want and/or love to kill people of your same religion, culture, ethnic, blood and even ancestors. What manner of reasoning or confusion is that? Does anyone have tangible explanation? It’s like a man striking his own image (shadow) yet happy about himself.

In corollary, On the Decision-Monday of December 5, 2014, the United States Embassy in Abuja reported that the Nigerian army has cancelled a U.S.-led military training program in our country. The question is; is this shocking move to the surprise of people or not? I bet it was more a surprise for majority.

Needless to say that although a Nigerian military spokesperson called the army’s cancellation of the program a “purely strategic action”, this ‘terminology’ or ‘matched-up’ words sounded ‘funny’ if you considered the fact that phases one and two of the program had already been completed in April and August of the same year and had focused on providing civilians with basic soldiering skills. It was said that the third phase would have given Nigerian soldiers training in more advanced infantry capacity- but we missed it!

In addition, the excuse given “- purely strategic action-” given by the Nigerian military spokesperson sounded much untrue and less concrete when he held his peace by choosing to give no further explanation, denying the populace of information which we are more or less entitled to. Truly, Nigeria has the largest army in West Africa, yet the handicapped performance the combatants have displayed in combating the to-be-beaten heavy- weight-champion insurgent group is a serious concern, and calls for our nation force-men to willingly bury their heads in shame. Boko Haram, who have seized large swathes of territory in their perpetual onslaught in the North-East region of the country, killed more than 150 people in the capital city of Yobe state, Damaturu, in the week of abortion of the U.S. led military training program alone.

There is an adage in Yoruba land that says ‘it is the child that raises his shoulders that gets carried’. Isn’t that right till today? When someone is in a predicament, he or she prays and longs for a helper; when a helper who’s holds a globally tenable certification in helping people out of such similar condition shows up, would you holdback yourself or deny yourself of such ample opportunity to deliver yourself of the siege that has befallen you? If your answer is yes, then, there must be something mysterious about the situation or can you comprehend any better?

Again very recently, Nigerian security officials ruled out the need for a United Nations or African Union-backed force to fight Boko Haram, saying the country and its partners could handle the threat. Sometimes when these ‘naija’ spokesmen talk, it seems as if it is another ‘crack your rips’ show but they are in actual fact cracking our society and lives.

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Sahel and Head of Office, Hiroute Guebre Sellassie, reiterated a couple of days ago that “Nigeria cannot handle the problem alone, Boko Haram is not only confined to Nigeria.” This isn’t the first time a statement like this is categorically qualifying our status quo as a country in the face of the blood sucking extremist sect.   France, America, United Kingdom and even Iraq among others have all voiced out our need for support and pledged their readiness to help. More recently, U.S. Secretary of States, John Kerry, who arrived on Sunday, January 25, 2015, said the United States will continue to support the Nigerian military in its fight against Boko Haram.

Now let’s go to the root cause of the problem; if you would recollect, preliminarily, Boko Haram started out bombing more of churches, now they bomb their own children and burn their relatives. Inferably, Christians may have to do away with sentiments and in a frankly spiritual attitude, examine the Boko Haram agenda from the other side of the coin. Don’t they seem like answers to the aged long prayers? The killing of themselves is probably for your sake and the reason is simple for those that care to know.

A biblical experience was documented, giving account of when the people of the Ammonite, Moabite, Edomite, together with the Munites went to war against the children of Israel and it came to past when a prayer was made on behalf of the Israelites by their leader; the result was they didn’t have to fight because the enemies fought themselves while they watched. As such, confusion is one God’s best instrument in times like this. Take for instance, Shekau brain is upside-down but he thinks he brain is uptight – that’s how the Lord confuses the people that go against him.

Synonymously, another biblical case documented when the Lord instructed his own chosen Prophet, Jeremiah; not to plead for the ones that have forsaken Him, else he’d (God’s prophet) be doomed also. Perhaps this explains why oceans of prayers directed towards this sect couldn’t, or is yet to, quench the candle of these wicked ones. Therefore, lets us look inwards more critically, should incase the Lord is telling us the same thing (like the prophet) but we are refusing to see and hear because of sentiments or ignorance.

Whenever a situation seems headless and unfathomable, it is often effective to examine its root cause. And if the root is spiritual, then the spiritual way is the only way out. Politically studies, civilian or military defense studies or whatsoever diplomatic or social relation studies won’t decipher the foundation of spiritual matter to you; neither would it deliver the solution into your palms. In the spiritual world, the way in is the only way out- it’s beyond Garbage in Garbage out.

Accordingly, the evil and unrighteousness in this region of our country-part of Africa- had reached a height that earned has them a gradual unraveling wrath of the Lord. Apparently, they are on the top of the list (in Nigeria- Africa) of most grievous sin to God; one of which is not worshipping other gods except Him. In the same way, other sins have heavily precipitated the territory and the backlash have manifested in the order of havoc being meted by the Boko Haram. Ritual Money is also to be mentioned as part of evil act in this region.

Just recently, another ex-governor was in news for marring a very young undergraduate to his wardrobe of both old and young wives. Over a few years past: another ex governor was taking in his 13th wife; a senator was dating a 13 year old girl; a religious leader was boasting of having 86 wives, and the trend has grown so widely amongst these leaders and the dwellers in the region. `These leaders are shamelessly disguising the highest order of immorality under religious doctrine. ‘Na real Double wahala for deady Bodie’

Emphatically, the Boko Haram heinous act is supposed to elongate from one generation to another; that is, your 2 year old baby today will know his own Shekau tomorrow if things are not corrected. Jonathan or no Jonathan; let it be borne in our mind that Boko Haram is fighting for a cause which is indifferent to politics or beyond it. More so, while other societal crisis like kidnapping, oil bunkering, Niger-Delta militants and others ill-societal menaces that have beleaguered our national atmosphere might be due to governmental irresponsibility and negligence, Boko Haram is a much more unique societal plague as it tied to delicate nature of religion (spiritual) affairs. The best we can do is no keep pleading or interceding with the Creator that the sect wickedness wouldn’t last beyond the present set of generation (victims) or beyond the region.

Acknowledgedly, anyone else who is going to propose somewhat effective solution to Boko Haram will assure you that it is going to take some time. Better yet, it is going to take some form of sociological strategic, policy engineering, diplomatic arrangements and other ‘ jagbajantis’ strategies but this catholicon is instantaneous and lasting solution.

The solution and the only guaranteed solution to Boko Haram which is Simple, effective, immediate and absolute is; if the people in this region make a decision to give their life to Christ today and walk in the way of righteousness before Him(God) and Boko Haram will on-the-spot know an end. Peradventure Boko Haram stops without the repentance of region, it shall return in a more formidable way than ever and it would be to the detriment of us all as Nigerians. Boko Haram group have a problem more with themselves and their region (North) than they do with other regions.

The covenant with that region have been tampered with; north which, by divine hierarchy, is the closest geographical point to God is now a head quarter of another god and citadel of immorality. Imagine a region that experiences the least rain during the year yet supplies the whole country with food all round the clock.

Ask yourself once more, why would the US army break of at quarter to finish the exercise? Because the Lord has not ordained their intervention or interference. Check the records; every assistance we have thus far hasn’t changed anything and won’t or can’t. Again, God maximized His instrument of confusion over the matter and that is why though Nigeria has the largest army in West Africa, it remains under the siege of the insurgent group. No other explanation.

In addition, I hope this gives everyone a clearer view to the much misinterpreted prayer being said by President and founder of the Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo to President Goodluck Jonathan during Last Sunday’s Thanks giving service when he said “All those opposing and against the peace of Nigeria, God would open the gates of hell to them”, and I say a big Amen to the big prayer.