Can you Subtract Tomorrow from Today or Today from Yesterday?


You can subtract: Sunday from Monday; Sunday,  Monday from Tuesday; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday from Wednesday; and that goes on. Better yet,  you can subtract January from February,  January and February from March… and that goes. But you cannot subtract the other way round.

Theory: You can only subtract today from tomorrow, better yet yesterday from today but cannot subtract tomorrow from today or today from yesterday. In other words, you can only subtract the present from the future or the past from the present or future, and not possible otherwise.

Explanation : Tomorrow is always bigger than today and today is always bigger than yesterday. You can check your calendar; what date it is today and that of yesterday and see if a substraction that gives a possible value is in view or the answer. Of course,  it is.

Subtracting the future from the present or the present from the past is impossible in the school of time and space. Subtraction done in the aforementioned order gives a negative value and there are or can be no negative integer in the circle of time and space. It’s impossible to get a negative interger, talking about time and space at any level or in whatever context. Equally you cannot even have a nil integer which is zero. In other words, there is no time yesterday is equal to today or today is equal to tomorrow and vice versa, which is the only criterion to have zero (nil integer) as a value.


Only God or by God’s knowledge (spiritual knowledge i.e highest and most correct mental knowledge that doesn’t change with time or situation ) the subtraction of tomorrow from today or today from yesterday is possible. Better yet,  only  in the spiritual realm or by spiritual wisdom and principles the subtraction of the future from the present or the present from traditional past possible.

Accordingly, science follow a ‘do-check’ approach where do must be equal to check to be logical or science indeed. For instance; 2+3=5 for the ‘do’ and 5-3=2 for the ‘check’. This shows why, generally , science don’t buy deeply into spirituality even when it can be ‘proven’. For a fact, in any context of science, irrespective of its breadth,  length or height, subtracting a bigger value from smaller one cannot give anything but a negative value bearing in mind that no negative integer is possible in the world of time and space. Only in the spiritual realm and by spirtual principle and environment can you subtract a gaint from an ant and still have gaint standing.

Secondly, the equation obtainable in the context of time and space is never a commutative one. While science is generally of the options that 3+2 =  will forever the equal to 2+3, this is absolutely not what obtains in the spiritual mathematics of any equation giving adequate cognizance to the elements of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or what-a-view.

As such, the foregoing has made it generally feasible to establish the limitations of science, at the same time very difficult or unpracticable to establish  that spirtual knowledge kicks off when science reaches the end of the rope at any point in time.The gap consequent upon the wavelength disparity of knowledge of these two realms can swallow up anything – in time and space.

Notably, another scientifically acceptable principle of time and space is that one can’t fill something with nothing. The question then is,what then are we doing to fill this gap?  A gap often created beyond selfish or ignorant or of both reasons. Are we only working to close up on science side and not even nourishing a thought of closing up from the spiritual angle- the only angle left as these are the only two angles that can pivot a man’s life more than anything else.

Ordinarily, spirituality kicks off where science left off and it’s in the nature of spirtual to fill ( in size) only the vacuum created for them to occupy per time . It’s okay with science to do away with that portion of spiritual knowledge used in an interim to fill this gap, once they are able come up something articulate and substantial( correct and doesn’t change with time) that makes a better substitute at any particular point in time, consequent upon the products of extensive and continous researches which science is known with or for. In other word, if only at a minimum, the buying into the shore and ocean of spiritual knowledge can temporarily help to manage this Bermuda- triangle-like gap of knowledge and the consequences that heralds it. To leave this gap unfilled is highly detrimental to humans and God. Yes, God! We ought to alway tie the high end of science rope to the low tip of spiritual rope that the chain may not be broken per time.

In the same light , it’s only in the spiritual realm that; nothing changes with time and nothing Is impossible.A

Spirtual world holds the remote control of time(sun moon, starts and what-a-view. Albeit, the spirit realm may,  infact, not be subject to our time or have its unique time whose time zone can change limitless, yet their timing  can be calculated or correlated with ours by the help of sound spiritual mathematicians or professors and deligent knowledge seeker time and space at a new (highest mental and spiritual) level.

Likewise,  the spirit world knowledge is that of no impossibility or a limitless world implying that never is there going to be a time science would overtake or be at par with spiritual knowledge.

Emphatically, a lot of things will always be impossible scientifically, contrasting the ‘ no-limitation’ characteristic nature of the spiritual.

Equally, there are lot of things science got that has effortless changed with time and will continually change helplessly showing that scientific knowledge fail periodically. This contrasts the characteristic nature of the truth which is always the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, better yet doesn’t change with time.

You may,on another hand, want to see the art or math of subtracting tomorrow from today or today from yesterday as more or less an art  or math of prophesy. In other words,  you can tell what happened yesterday, tell what is happening today but you cannot tell what will happen tommorrow- especially those things that are not by any symptom in sight, against all odds or as if a bolt from the blues. I mean, for short, those things in the gap- science knowledge cannot phantom out yet.

The ability to tell tomorrow from today or yesterday or be limitless is divine and is synonymous to one subtracting tomorrow from today or today from yesterday.

In closing, the spirit world/knowledge is the most accurate. All programming is 100 percent going to run smoothly without experiencing friction or setback except when sucha  occurrence emanate from a higher or an oppositional spiritual undertaking. Spiritual moves or program can only be intercepted, overran or countered by a higher or opposing spirituality upon disagreement or a breach to the norm of the divine operating principle(s) .

Time is always progressive; Positive is the only kind of integer possible in the context of time and space. That is, you can only subtract yesterday,  today from tomorrow or yesterday from today and not vice versa.

Now,  if I may ask as I would love to at the beginning of this write up ; is time and space of subject of the physical or the spiritual?

Hope no is confused no more at this point . Well if you chose either one of options you are wrong. Time and space is subject of both, the physical and spiritual.

Secondly, which one of the subject is superior?  Did I hear any say it’s the former. Of course not,  it’s the latter,  spiritual.