Greed Power

Greed can either make a man a man or mar him, it all depends on the mindset that interprets it. Truth is that anyone who is not somewhat greedy is not somewhat worthy of living. If there was no such thing as greed, there will be no dreams and vision, there will be no invention or Innovation. Men like Bill Gate & Dangote got greedy about being the richest men in their nation and the world.

Consequently, man is made by his decision and anywhere a man is at any stage of life is a function of his greed power. If you ask me, greed is not best defined that inner (mental) created force or urge that is responsible for taking or pushing a man from the level low to average. At the minimum, greed maybe seen in light of what takes a man from average to high as most men, for fear of the unknown, are settlers of the average circle. However, it can be better seen as that which take a man from a high to an unending higher level.

Let’s get it straight and austere; greed is the take-it-all or I-want-to-have-it-all syndrome that catapults a man to a higher achievement by forcing him to discover, explore and exploit his potential at all possible cost. In other words, greed is the push-it-to-the-limit syndrome that pushes a man to his limit- the best of his capabilities and abilities, sometimes without regret or cause for it. It is that quantum energy of the mind that pushes a man from the high to higher. It is the continuous thirst of wanting more, bearing in mind that more plus more leads to all.

The greed power is what makes a man remind himself in justification that even though man cannot have it all, endeavoring to have as much as he can, while he can, is subjectively equivalent to having it all. Better yet, having a close feel of having it all bearing in mind that a man owes his vision in life is not necessarily attaining them but to diligently work towards them and worst, die trying.

Truth be told, as good as moderacy gets, it most often than not ends a man in the valley of mediocrity. The greed power it is what makes a man take risk especially in an average mentality suppressing environment. Greed is a function of faith because it works by downplaying or staying above fear and its constituents as much as possible. Without the greed appetite a man cannot stay hungry from success and will engage in the game of too carefully or safely where most men of mediocrity lie.

Greed is that which fuels your riding or climbing higher on the road to achieving your desires beyond measures until you can climb no more or until you fall. Yes fall. But, how high you climb and long you stay on the robe of life is only determined by God and your greed power. The little you can do is maximize your greed power by buying into increasingly right wisdom and let God do as he chooses.

While we all, undeniably, want to ride high in life, if for some reasons you fail to get on the jet of life, it’s not as if you are less greedy. Take for instance, in a team, it is greed that makes a man want to be one who gets it or get it first. Equally, it is the same greed that makes a man not to be the one down or at the receiving end in a team. So except you want stop acting right and start acting up as if a loser, hater, mediocre, Low lifer or whatever. Without greed, there will be no hard work, no longing, no solution, no struggle, no pain, no gain, no achievement or successes and, in fact, no life in its wholeness and the spice that comes withal.


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