The real story behind Drizzy and Meek’s beef

While the heart of concertgoers were in their mouth following the news that Nicki Minaj have officially decided to call it quit with Meek made the rounds of media a few days ago, it was to the surprise of many to recently see, in new racy and loved up picture, Meek Mill holding tight Nicki’s butt . It was yet an answered question as to whether the stunt was pulled for the mere sake of quenching the fire of their break up rumour until she got a diamond necklace while she was on stage during her Pink Tour with new beau. Is this message to clearly convey the good standing of their relationship or an act to add their own contribution of confusion to the media? Let’s see.



On one hand, Meek‘s fallout with Drake is the not getting any better as the Canadian rapper took the beef to another level, being the first rapper to present a PowerPoint presentation at a music festival, the OVO Festival. Also, a source who disclosed during the OVO Music Festival in Toronto that Drake have plans to deliver a more brutal diss track titled ‘Three Strikes’ equally said that the track which is to be his third in a row of songs directed at the Philadelphia rapper won’t be his last. Great! This leaves us salivating about the more beef songs and PowerPoint presentation Drizzy got to show us.

More specifically, the source has it that the real reason the two rap icon are at loggerhead is that Nicki seems to have been emotionally narrative, over and over again, to her new beau about the love she felt for Drake but the fact that he wasn’t attitudinally forth forming by representing the hood or ‘tha-block’ originally-personally and societally- just enough or as she so desires or fantasizes about. She exposes this as the only void that couldn’t be filled in their so much rumoured love story or relationship, she was fond often disguising as ‘just-friends’ or ‘brother-sister’. Their relationship raised eyebrow for the umpteenth time following the unbridled seductive show-off of queen of rap and the prince of rap during her anaconda video.



She puts it out clearer that she’s a kind of very emotion person even though she got some street credibility and she just couldn’t stay her head up or down with a kind of person they both share equal emotional wavelength or weakness/strength – as Drake’s also seen to be a highly emotional person who also got some peanuts or stains of street credibility.

Accordingly, she has been emotionally sober in thought and behaviour to Meek about her past love life (Drake) and this doesn’t sit well with the Rick Ross protégé. This has caused MeekMilly, as he is fondly called, to know his ‘enemy’. The food for thought here is that; who knows for how long the Philly rapper might have well been desiring Nicki – even if for the sake for her butt- while Canadian boy was in the way? As such, he now hates Drake because he believes he continually poses emotion threat to their relationship especially when considering the fact six god rapper is considered better looking and more successful rapper in the game.



Meek, whose real name is Robert Rahmeek Williams, comparatively brags right with good record of real gangster life or ‘dope-boy’. Meek, though five years younger than Nicki, seems to have the personality Nicki longs for as gushed and blushed about earlier this year in an interview with Power 106 FM, where she denied reports the two were dating, claiming that they were just friends like the does with Drizzy. Meek, who is fresh-out from behind bars he was put in July for continuously breaching his probation and who had been released on parole for earlier gun and drug charges in 2008, apparently have the kind of strong arm Nicki believes she can feel protected in- something Drake never or didn’t have.

The consequence of her emotion discordance arising from her ordeal with Drake and her recent split from her last serious boyfriend of 11 years, Safaree Samuels, in fact, prompted her to hastily turn into the arms of Meek- a more gangster attitudinal rapper who is considered to be at the peripheral with Drake the game of rap. To make matter worse, this is culminating into the ‘divorce’ saga of her two bosses in the game, Lil Wayne and Birdman, and spark light of red-hot contention and argument in the her music Label.



Contrary to the likes of Drake who were outspoken about their reservations of rapper going on tour with his beau, some consider the advantage of dating a boss-lady is that you get to go on a tour, like Beyoncé and Jay-z. Drizzy, in his second and more venomous diss track titled “Back to Back” asked loudly, “Is that a world tour, or your girl’s tour?” However it was gather she needed emotionally straightened up and stable to be more on top of her game which is why she brought Meek not just a performer but a confidant on her tour.

It was also gathered that Nicki is undeterred with Meek’s weak dissing ability following the release of his rebuttal song to Drake, “Wanna Know” and the horde of Drizzy’s Twitter acolytes posting memes mocking Meek. Rather she is pretty much satisfied with her relationship with Meek, sparkling the thoughts that he is the kind of guy she can accept a wedding ring from after she declared on twitter last month that she’ll never have a child outside wedlock.

She is not undisturbed that Meek is losing out in the war of words with Drizzy and won’t leave a nigga she calls her own because he has now suddenly become a laughing stock on social media. She’s enthralled with Meeks personality, who got the right attitude that she craves for, as he tolls the path of being the man of her dreams.



Meek Mill, in a free style, while performing for the crowd at the Susquehanna Bank Centre during Nicki Minaj’s “Pinkprint Tour” that rolled through Camden, New Jersey, acknowledges that the beef isn’t about rap but about Nicki. Meek’s now seems to ‘Big Daddy’ who has bought Nicki’s heart as she found man who she can more out boldly to be herself with and not having to camouflage under a ‘just-friends’ or ‘brother-sister’ relationship.

It would be recalled that drake is said to have a similar weakness in his short-lived relationship with the queen of Barbados, Rihanna.



So what’s next in the tale of the two-Romeo-to-one-Juliet? Now we wait!


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