Transfiguration: Solution to Global ‘Butcherous’ killing and Religious Crises

They created the belief over themselves, that’s why they can easily  spread it – ‘butcherous’ killing  and burial system or ideology – to others, without sobriety.  I mean what you expect of anyone who doesn’t conclusively or decisively see death as the only individualistic event that covers the permanent transfiguration of terrestrial body of man to the celestial body- a glorification process.

And so even when their kings and princes die, however religious or royal,  the best they can do for his  burial is  wrap him up like an animal for burnt offering.

A lot of people deliberate on whether it is necessary or right to dress the dead, whether they died at a very young age or old age, rich or poor. These persons may better answer that question by asking themselves why they get nicely dress to attend a person’s event or theirs, whether they are very young or old in age, rich or poor.

However, from a more projected scale of knowledge, the skeleton of that belief was basically developed on the perception individuals-worshippers- were made to hold over what happens after death of man. In others words, does a man’s life terminates eternally upon death or what people dub the ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost’ of the man lives again eternally after he passes-on.

Well, this argument has remained historically convoluted  and I am also not  in the best of position to  give an answer  either;  because I  am yet go on  my eventuated journey of death, talk less of returning it  to tell of  my ordeal.

Bearing in mind that no one can cover another person’s individualistic aftermath experience of death except the person himself, only a person who has tasted his share of death and has been able to return to share his experience is in better position to give an answer to that question or give a clue to the answer. So the big question is; who are these people or who is this person?

Before I go on, I’d like to ask on which side you are;

Do you believe anyone have been able to die indeed and resurrected to share his ordeal of death or not?

Widely acclaimed, people don’t believe a man once pronounced truly dead is alive again, however in another form and place, simply because of the fact that he didn’t or couldn’t show up, both in the mortal and immortal form, to tell the story of what happened to him after he died as death doesn’t only mark the take-off or transition point, rather it is a holistic event that covers the permanent transfiguration of a mortal man to the immortal him.

The people or person the world call God today are simply people that they were once pronounced truly dead but man learned to know or acclaim by belief and experience(s) that they are alive again and forever – however in another form and place, simply because they have been able to come back, both in the mortal and immortal form, to tell the world of the event that happened to them after they passed-on physically.

Albeit, it is generally said say ‘man came to this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing,’ I find that statement quite ridiculous. Why?

A seed can say to itself when planted into the earth that it came with nothing, however upon bearing fruits seasons after season after which it dies-off, would it then say it died off with nothing?

Yes, we came to this world with nothing but will be leaving with everything, good or bad, we earned one way or the other. We won’t be leaving with gold, but we will be leaving with our integrity. In other words, we will be leaving with what we stood for – that is, the inestimable values and virtues we contributed or preached to humanity. We will be leaving with the works of our hands and the fruit it bore.

In closing, it is held that only God can judge man and so man cannot or shouldn’t go contrary to the fact or reality that there is no form of discrimination inherent in the death, that is ‘life after death.’ As such, the least we can do here on earth is to learn to treat and decorate the dead indiscriminately.  When a ‘sinner’ dies, he ought to be buried nicely, so also a saint. When a slave dies, he should be buried royally, as if a prince. And so on. However, not vice versa. That is, a prince or any person, shouldn’t be buried like a slave or animal because it is a dehumanizing act and a de-glorification practice of the transfiguration of man.

Until the world learn to embrace beauty and equality of death, from the  depth of ‘life after death’ and the angle of religiosity  in teachings and practices, the peace the world crave may remain elusive in spite of the efforts and desires  of  world leaders  and the people in addressing  the status-quo  of peace all over the globe.


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