Preparation + Help = success: Preparation + Hope = nothing

Ever taken time to ponder who is worse-off between a hopeless and a helpless man? Although, more often than not, a lot of us assume and believe that a hopelessness is the worst state that a man can be. They say once there is life, there is hope. Perhaps what is meant by that statement is; where there is no hope, there is no life.

In other words, many of us may easily understand a hopeless man better when he is described as a ‘living dead’ or someone who is alive but not living. That is, in the school of population census of life, a man who is hopeless is not worth of a name during head-count. In the same manner, it is norm not to include an insane person among the count, during a national population census.

However, lately, I have been exposited to a light of understanding that shows how helplessness is on the darker side of the same coin hopelessness is. Without bugging and boring you with the various dictionary meanings, synonyms, antonyms, and other forms of grammatical comparison between the two words, let’s ask ourselves this question;


A hopeful man + helpless man



A helpless man+ hopeful man


Who is worse off? Let’s pick a cue to the answer from the following scenarios;

Imagine the life of a man who is full of hope but dry of help viz-a-viz the life of man who is full of help but empty of hope. Who is going to have a more stagnated or clogged ride in life?

Imagine a cripple man who has lost all hope that he is ever going to walk again but always get help from people to move him around versus another cripple man who is hopeful that he will walk again but is never helped. Who is going more distance between the both of them?

Imagine the number of graduates, entrepreneur, inventors, innovators, roaming the streets with hope but help is suffered-from and compare them to graduates who are, more or less, hopeless but readily access help. Who is going to cover more distance of life?

Preparation + Help (opportunity) = success

Preparation + Hope = nothing


Help+ Help = success

Hope + Hope= nothing

Lack of help makes a man stranded, and stranded man is stagnated man. Also, a hapless man may be helpless man but not a hopeless man. In other words, helplessness is what makes a man unlucky, not hopelessness. Hopelessness is insignificant in quadratic equation of life where help is kept constant. Juxtaposing this understanding with that of Pareto principle; 20% helped men matter than 80% hopeful men in the project called life.

Hope doesn’t deliver a man from his helpless state, it is help that delivers a man from hopelessness. If you help a hopeless man, you would have done two things for him; you would have helped him and would have given him hope. But, if you give hope to a helpless man, you simply have given only hope to him but haven’t helped him. Bear in mind that more often than not, man can give unto himself hope but not help. Except if a man is dead or mad, he can give himself hope but a very healthy and alive may not be able to help himself. A sick man may hope that his sickness is not unto death even without encouragement from anyone but he cannot treat himself. He needs help to be treated, not hope.

In conclusion, help is the surest cure for hopelessness as helplessness is a major cause of hopelessness. As darkness give way at the scent of light, so also do hopelessness give way as the show-up of help. Hopelessness cannot strive is helpful environment. Nigeria is, more or less, a hopeless environment because help is very scare.

Help plus Help equals success: heaven help those who help themselves, sadly, not those who are hopeful. Hope is not a strategy but help is- in fact, even more, help is a result.

Hope + Help = ? you should have the answer to this having read this article.